Thank You, Dads, For All the Awesome Things You Do

  • You help us get over obstacles.

    Via: ronth3man
  • Work out with us.

  • Record all the moments of our lives...

    Via: Munish Bansal
    Munish Bansal has photographed his daughter, Suman, every day since her birth on May 16th, 1996. This video shows all 6,575 photos.
  • ...and then get creative with them.

    Via: World's Best Father Facebook Page
    See more of Dave Engledow's work here.
  • (Or get the internet to do it.)

    Via: c**truck
    Like the dad who asked the internet to photoshop his baby.
  • Breakfast with you is never boring...

    Via: saipancakes
    Drool over more amazing pancake art at Saipancakes.
  • ...and you even make lunch boxes exciting.

    Via: Lunchbox Dad
    Lunchbox Dad always delivers.
  • You help us build robots...

    Via: Redfrontdoor
    Robots are AWESOME.
  • ...and you always find little ways to show us that you care.

    Via: turnidoff
  • Thanks, Dads, for always being at our sides.

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