15 Reasons Being Part of a Fandom Can be Really Friggin Hard

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    1. Sometimes you just want to like a show, but then...

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    Via: mzulft

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    2. Just when you've accepted your obsession, you realize you're worshiping a malevolent spirit

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    3. And they break your heart over and over again.

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    4. The disappointment continues when you realize you're still stuck in the real world

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    5. And sometimes your book/show/movie/franchise ends before you're ready

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    6. But there's always fanfic! (If you dare)

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    7. Eventually you find yourself enjoying those fics and even joining in on this ship-uation

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    8. But then there's the problem with shipping...

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    9. Good luck if you decide to get into cosplay

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    10. Or aren't caught up on your show before going online

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    11. There are so many different fandoms, terms, and names to keep track of

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    12. And what are you supposed to do when two things you love are on at the same time?

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    13. Forget dating; your expectations are way too high.

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    14. Or making friends outside of your fandom

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    Via: thesheepenthusiast
    Seriously, do we have to argue about the Harry Potter/Percy Jackson thing again?

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    Really, it gets ugly.

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    15. But ultimately, the worst part of fandom is also the best: it takes over your life

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    Via: seventozen
    Come find all your favorites and geek out with us. We've got more Pokémon than you could catch, world altering Wizards, attacks on anime, mushroom smashing plumbers, and cosplayers for just about everything.
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