14 Times Animals Had Secret Meetings To Plot...

Every find your pet... in a meeting? What could they possibly be talking about?

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    She's seen us... act natural!

    Cheezburger Image 9070569728
    Via: viralnova.

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    Shh... we aren't planning anything up here....

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    Via: viralnova.

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    "Ya, We think he shouldn't be in the band anymore..."

    Cheezburger Image 9070570240
    Via: viralnova.

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    "How do we get inside the warm house?"

    Cheezburger Image 9070570752
    Via: viralnova.

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    "Shh, There's a noise... ok. Back to it, whose creating the distraction?"

    Cheezburger Image 9070571264
    Via: Viral Nova

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    Hmm, that's interesting. Hold on... let me get my hooman to get us some snacks.

    Cheezburger Image 9070571520
    Via: Viral nova

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    Cheezburger Image 9070571776
    Via: Bored panda

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    That's very interesting. Yes, there are many of us and only 1 cat...

    Cheezburger Image 9070572032
    Via: pinterest

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    Cheezburger Image 9070572288
    Via: Dump A Day

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    Meeting or Friendship circle?

    Cheezburger Image 9070572800
    Via: Loldamn

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    Even the ladybugs are on to something

    Cheezburger Image 9070573056
    Via: Loldamn

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    Now, let's hold hands and sing.

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    Via: Loldamn

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    Cheezburger Image 9070573568
    Via: Loldamn

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    So we meet again... But this time we must plot against the common enemy....

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    Via: Loldamn
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