These 9 Optical Illusions Will Melt Your Brain

If you think you can handle your eyes being fooled and scrambled, check out these cool optical illusions. Just make sure to bring a bucket. You know, for when you spill your brain and all.

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    Let's start things off easy, we wouldn't want to fry your mind too quickly.

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    If you just thought this was a magic carpet casting a shadow then turn back now, your puny brain cannot handle the rest of the things here.

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    Cheezburger Image 5368856576
    By Vanos_Ira (Via Reddit)
    Alright, we're cheating here a little bit, because this is just solid satire.

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    By Vanos_Ira (Via TDW)
    Don't get too excited now, it's just designed to look like a cartoon.

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    Still here? Good, because now things get fun. Strap yourselves in!

    If you were as confused as the cat in this video you may not be cut out for what's next.

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    Cheezburger Image 6041278976

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    And now, a rapid-fire round from Youtube's ZeFrank!

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    Don't fall into the abyss yet, there's more to come!

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    No, wait, those are real fish aren't they? HOW ARE THOSE NOT REAL FISH?

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    You've made it this far, but there's still one more!

    Has your mind been sufficiently exploded? I know mine hasigundiugbodsnaglnsdfbvj klsagdgn
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