So Really, What Color is This Dress?

I don't know. You don't know. NOBODY FREAKING KNOWS!

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    Taylor Swift sees black and blue.

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

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    This image might shed some more light on the subject.

    Cheezburger Image 8453999104
    Via @_Snape_

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    It's still white and gold.

    Cheezburger Image 8453791232

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    The Dress is whatever color you want it to be.

    Cheezburger Image 8453781760
    wake up user...the internet has you

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    Cheezburger Image 8453912832

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    Maybe it's both.

    Cheezburger Image 8453746432

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    How it all got started.

    Cheezburger Image 8453726464

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    The true #LlamaDrama.

    Cheezburger Image 8453712384

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    Final answer?

    Cheezburger Image 8453707264

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    And, suddenly, divorce rates skyrocketed.

    Cheezburger Image 8453696256

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    The Lion King did it first.

    Cheezburger Image 8453985536
    Via imgur

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    Cheezburger Image 8453986304
    Via imgur

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    Speaking of Power Rangers remakes.

    Cheezburger Image 8453987584
    Via imgur

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    AsapSCIENCE solves #TheDress with Science!

    Via youtu.be
    Share this for the sake of the human race! It might save a lot of relationships.

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    I think we all know the true culprits behind this controversy.

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