8 Things You Didn't Know the Game of Thrones Cast Could Do

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    Peter Dinklage played trumpet in a band

    Via: Getty Images

    The band was called Whizzy, it was based out of Brooklyn and Dinklage told Rolling Stone they played at CBGB's once.

    Dinklage also sang as well.

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    Lena Headey likes to step in the ring

    Via: IAMLenaHeadey

    The woman who plays Cersei Lannister doesn't go down with out a fight in Westeros and the same could be said off screen. Lena Headey has long talked about her love of boxing and has the fists to prove it.

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    Maisie Williams goes to school for dance

    Via: Woven Films

    And it's no surprise that she's really pretty great at it.

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    Kristian "Hodor" Nairn is an EDM disc jockey

    Via: WinterisComing
    He set up a traveling tour called "Rave of Thrones" and doesn't seem to shy away from his simple-minded character.

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    Charles "Tywin" Dance lends his voice to The Witcher 3

    Via: The Witcher

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    Grey Worm can sing, y'all

    Via: RaleighRitchieVEVO

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    Hafthór "The Mountain" Björnsson is just actually really, really, really strong

    Via: photographingtime .

    Like, here's him lifting almost 1,000 pounds.

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    Finally, Sophie Turner can do this

    Via: New York Post
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