10 Things To Love About Deadpool

It's time to better know the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool will be gracing the silver screen in February 2016, and his first trailer is out to get you hyped. Full of fourth-wall breaking one-liners, and zany quips, it feels like Ryan Reynolds and director, Tim Miller are hitting this one out of the park.

For those of you who aren't fans, here's your guide to Deadpool.

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    He's The King of References

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    Yeah, he's talking to himself as he's taking down that guy... what of it? Having voices in his head just let's him make fantastic references, because all of his personalities have seen the same movies.

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    He Can Show Up Anywhere

    By tamaleknight (Via: Daily Superheroes)
    The best part about not having that pesky fourth wall separating Deadpool from the audience is this whole "superhero franchise thing". *Deadpool's going to be where Deadpool's going to be.

    *Deadpool will not be in anything owned by Marvel Studios, Sony or DC/WB

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    He's a Lover AND a Fighter

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    He's a man of many passions. Yeah, he may kill people, but he also loves... killing people, and... you know... chicks 'n stuff.

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    He Loves Mexican Food

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    By tamaleknight (Via: giphy)
    Enough with these health crazed superheroes. We get it Thor, you're into CrossFit. Fortunately, Wade Wilson is just a regular dude, with a powerful healing factor that let's him eat loads and loads of tortillas, rice, beans and cheese.

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    He Also Loves Spider-Man

    By tamaleknight (Via: D Piddy)
    He's his super-chimichanga.

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    He's a Team Player

    By tamaleknight (Via: Trickarrows)
    *poke poke* Avengers, better pick up that phone. Wade Wilson's agent is getting a lot of offers, you don't want him joining some stupid franchise like Fantastic Four.

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    He's a Man of Many Skills

    By tamaleknight (Via: Team Coco)
    Hey, everyone had a first job. Who knows what Wade Wilson was up to before he became a super-powered mercenary assassin? It's not like there's a series of some sort of graphic novels that tell us all about his life or anything.

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    He's Always Ready for Costume Parties

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    He's a one man party! Of depression and insanity... and tacos... and chicks 'n stuff.

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    He'll Never Die

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    By tamaleknight (Via: 101cheshirecat)
    Let's face it, the man can't die. Never, in the history of Deadpool, will he be killed off just for a quick ratings boost just to be brought back to like six months later... Except for that one time...

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    His Fans Come First!

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    Deadpool is there for you, the little guy. In a world filled with glib, assembly-line Marvel Studios' movies, and dark Instagram-filtered DC flicks, Deadpool just wants to give you something different.

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