Preorders for Oculus Rift Opened Today With a $599 Price Tag, Is It Worth It?

The future is now! And finally you can start to order it but with a cost of $599.00, is the Oculus Rift worth it? These virtual reality fails will help you decide.

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    A Guy Almost Breaks His Monitor Using the Oculus Rift

    By Unknown

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    The Best Use of Oculus Rift

    By Unknown

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    The Future of Gaming

    By Unknown (Via: larision)

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    You'd Have to Be a Masochist to Play Horror Games on the Oculus Rift

    By Unknown

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    Boldly Become a Bird With This Oculus Rift Flight Simulator

    By Unknown (Via: Scott Beale)
    Ever wondered what it's like to be a bird?  Now you can find out!  Birdly is a full body flight simulator that combines an Oculus Rift with sonic feedback and a fan for wind.  Nevermind that you look like a dork while using it, you can fly!

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    At Least With Virtual Reality, You Can Be Who You Were Always Meant to Be!

    By Unknown (Via: Enter The Rift)

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    This Guy Has a Perfect Reaction to Insidious VR

    By Unknown (Via: Anthony Smith)

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    The First Oculus Rift Prototype

    By Unknown (Via: thegarrettt)
    You've come a long way, baby!

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    The Best Oculus Rift Reaction You Will See

    By Unknown (Via: Mugalu Yusuf)

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    Elders React to Oculus Rift

    By Unknown (Via: TheFineBros)

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    "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes" is the Most Fun You and Your Friends Can Have While Defusing a Bomb

    By Unknown (Via: Keep Talking Game)

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    Virtual Reality is 2spoopy4thisguy

    By Unknown (Via: James Poulos)

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    This Could Be You!

    By Unknown

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    Horror Games Are a Little Too Intense With the Oculus Rift

    By Unknown (Via: YouTube)

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    The Next Generation Video Gamer

    By Unknown (Via: djmushroom)
    Poop Simulator is a great game.

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    Outside Looks Like Outside

    By Unknown

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    Oculus Rift + Horror Games = An Amazing Experience

    By Unknown

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    A 90 Year Old Grandmother Tries the Oculus Rift

    By Unknown

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    Russian Guy Freaks Out During Oculus Rift Prank

    By Unknown (Via: weknowmemes)

    Honestly, this alone might be worth the money.
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