But I'm So Big and Awesome: A Cautionary Tale

Some guy decides to text a woman that he met through a dating app called Let's Date. (Let's Date is an app that only allows users who have legit Facebook profiles. Remember this.) So he begins with an innocuous greeting, gets no immediate answer, shrugs it off, and goes about his day.

Hahaha, just kidding! Eleven minutes after his perfectly normal question, he decides to take a full frontal nude shot and text to her.

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  • Via: UpRoxx
    When she reacts in disgust, he's shocked, SHOCKED, she didn't like it, and calls her a prude. Nice. Well, he tried to Gaston the wrong gal. After mocking his bad grammar, she finds his mother on Facebook and sends her the texts. Boom.
  • Via: UpRoxx
    So remember, kids, don't text nudie photos to people who didn't ask for them. Which is probably everyone.
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