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Breaking News: The New Mac Pro Isn't A Good Cheese Grater

  • gif of two women sitting on ground with mac pro grating cheese on grater

    Before undertaking the experiment, the iFixit women demonstrated how a normal cheese grater works for a point of reference. The cheese grater does it's job well. OK. Time to move on. 

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  • Woman's hand grating cheese on 2019 mac pro computer

    Now for the exciting part.... or not so exciting. Although it closely resembles a large cheese grater, the 2019 Mac Pro actually isn't a good cheese grater. The cheese gets stuck in its grille and there's no hint of those nice strands of shredded cheese we are accustomed to. Disappointing. 

  • woman's hand grating cheese on mac pro 2019 trying to grate but not working

    Just to be sure, the second woman give the cheese grating a go - but she has no luck. The cheese continues to accumulate inside the holes of the Mac Pro which prove themselves to be purely aesthetic and definitely not suited for grating cheese. 

    So if you're looking to buy a cheese grater, consider buying this one for $10 instead of spending $6000 on a Mac Pro. Unless you can think of another use for it. Maybe a paperweight? Check out the whole video below. 


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