Fast Food Employee Gives Pranking Teen Exactly What He Ordered

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    Text - r/MaliciousCompliance - Posted by u/Brosdie 21 hours ago The Nothing Burger oc s This is my favourite story to tell about my job of a year and a half of working at my local McDonald's. Compliant, yes. Malicious, your judgement. So I spend most of my time working the kitchen. On the 'line' we assemble the main products of your order; big Macs, quarter pounders, McChickens.. basically it's very repetitive. One thing you probably know, is that you can customise your order; if this is done at
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    Product - ORDER ORDER HERE HERE ORDER HERE ORDER HERE 17 T at 76 Touch to art Toca para Comensar har CocaCola 15
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    Text - So this short story happens when I was doing a 4 to midnight shift some time ago... There we are, making normal orders, when a kiosk order comes through. The madlad ordered a hamburger with no bun, no sauces, no toppings, AND NO MEAT (They basically ordered nothing, since they removed everything). My wage slave Autopilot mode turns off and all three of us on line give each other this look after reading the ticket as if to say "what the fuck?".
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    Text - Anyway, Policy is to stick the sticker with their modifications on the wrapper of the burger and dress accordingly. So that's exactly what we did. We stuck their 'plain, no bun, no meat' sticker onto a hamburger wrapper, folded it and sent it down the line, to front, ready for it to be bagged up and served. The manager working front, well... they didn't notice us doing this or the front of house worker keeping the momentum, putting that folded wrapper in a bag and handing out the customer
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    Text - The customer, a giggling teen, walked up to the counter, and that smug little grin fell off as he opened the bag, and realised he had actually just paid 89p for some paper in a paper bag. And that, is the story of the Nothing Burger. TL;DR Customer orders nothing for 89p, and gosh darn gets it.


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