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Woman Visibly Confuses her Aggressive Emu "Karen" after Going Blonde, Bird Doesn't Know Who to Chase


Many of us have developed these rich hate/love relationships with our animals. Obviously, we love them with all of our hearts and would sacrifice almost anything to make sure they are happy and healthy and okay… But sometimes these creatures drive us freaking crazy as well!


When you think about all of the time, money, and care that you put into your perfect little kitty, it can definitely cause some resentment when they make a mess all over their litter box or accidentally scratch you while you're sleeping.


Obviously, they give us things too, happiness, peace of mind, the feeling of never truly being alone… But having animals is definitely not for the faint of heart. They may never cuddle you back, even though you wanted a lap dog. They all have their own temperament and you gotta love them for who they are. Hey, kinda like kids!


So we've established that our animals show their love and appreciation for us in many many different ways, some even go in straight for the attack.


Tiktok user @useless_farm has built quite the platform by showcasing her farm of unusual animals.


One of her most favored creatures is Karen.


Karen The Emu

Karen could probably be considered the Useless Farm's most iconic animal for a few reasons. She has big brown eyes, a beautiful coat, and the unstoppable drive to go after her caretaker.


Seriously, we have an example if you haven't already seen it.


Karen In Action


Yep, pretty crazy. But here's the thing, this is not even what this list is about. We're here to talk about how Karen's human, Amanda, completely caught her off guard after entering her pen blonde.


A few people commented that perhaps the reason Karen is so aggressive is that she hates Amanda's hair. It seems like a long shot, but Amanda gave it a chance anyway and showed up blonde one day to see Karen's response.


 Blonde Vs Karen

Most of the people in the comment section argued that Karen looked visibly confused, so it's possible that Amanda's hair played a large role in the rivalry. But we guess we'll never truly know, will we?


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