'Confused John Cena' Makes For An Excellent New Dank Meme

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    Face - Wrestler - 5yr old me after seeing the moon during the day
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    MOOOMM! This is a #meme people like you and I sometimes enjoy #memes but we do also like #dankmemes because they're #dank and then a few of us out there also like #darkmemes which is a very #scary place but please, enjoy this #johncenameme

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    *confused screaming* Follow ??@foolishfridge for more! . Tag a friend who loves memes?? . . Posted on Reddit by u/gaysgay727

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    Face - *Everyone Starts Using The Internet They Paid For* Internet Service Providers:
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    Face - My parents: *buy me a new PC* Me: *Uses the PC* My parents:
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    Face - When everyone is using a confused gif but the only thing confusing is that nobody is in the gif: switchomcide
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    Face - Guy: *flirts with girl* Girl: *flirts back* Guy:
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    Face - Me: *makes rational argument* My parents: @memebase
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    Internet meme - Government: Work from home WWE: W. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME
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    Face - just-shower-thoughts "Queue" is just "Q" followed by 4 silent letters. n-a-blue-box


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