Female Artist Of The Week: Interview With Funny, Relatable Quarantine Cartoonist

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    Text - Signs the Kids Are Up to No Good Too much laughter Weird questions НАНАНАНА! Do we have a huge piece of OK, what's going on?! cardboard? And a hammer? OH MY GOSH! And food coloring? НАНАНАНА!! Weird statements Too much silence Most Whatever you do, DON'T come in They're up to something. definitely. the kitchen. ©Adrienne Hedger

    Like the rest of us, Adrienne Hedger is quarantining with her family at home. Living in Southern California with her husband, two daughters and their dog, she is creating art out of the familiar scenarios happening in many families across the country.

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    Text - Working At Home With Kids OK, so you have everything you need, right? You'll be busy working on that project? This is perfect! I finally have a stretch of quiet time! Yes! ©Adrienne Hedger Oh, what a wonderful treat to be able to work without any interrup... I'M DONE!

    The main source of inspiration for Adrienne's cartoons comes from her daughters — Claire, 14 and Kate, 16 — who provide her with the typical 'entertainment' you might expect from two teenagers stuck at home. Between complaining about what's for dinner, arguing over their homework and making excuses not to watch documentaries with their mom, it seems like Adrienne has her hands full.

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    Playing sports - Out Walking in Normal Times Out Walking During Social Distancing and Self-Isolation Hi! Good Hello! morning! ©Adrienne Hedger

    Like the rest of us, her daughters initially found the break from regular life quite refreshing. "At first they didn't mind being at home", Adrienne told us. "It was a nice break from the stress of school. But now they've moved into the stage of missing the random people they sit next to in math. They're starting to feel like they want it to be done. That's where the cartoons come from - we can't change this, so how do we find commonality?"

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    Text - My Daughter During Self-Isolation You JUST I miss complaining about going to school. I believe it's time for a snack. had breakfast! Mom, Kate's going to dye my eyebrows, since I won't be seeing anyone anyway! If I just call random phone numbers, I'm bound to reach a celebrity at some point. ©Adrienne Hedger

    And that's what all her cartoons are about; the things that everyone can relate to during quarantine. Adrienne doesn't just find inspiration from her daughters. "I take notes all day long. When I talk to friends or family, I take notes so when I go to make my cartoons, I have loads of material to work from. Of course, not everything works, but it's about trying to think about what's relatable and amusing."

    "But that's the point – it's all relatable. We're all going through variations of the same thing", I say. She agrees.

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    Text - Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Times I feel like if I touch something, I have to take it Inventory is hit and miss Some quantities are limited Hmm... Which two no eggs. breads should I choose? In some cases, only weird items are left Coming back into the house is No matter how well I planned, I forgot something stressful Honey wheat Did you get toothpaste? Time to disinfect! tortillas? DARNIT! ©Adrienne Hedger

    So, what does a typical day look like for Adrienne's family during quarantine? "My husband and I are awake at around 6 am. I get some work done in the morning, but the kids are another story - they surface around 10 or 11 am, so when they're wondering what's for breakfast, I'm wondering what's for lunch." It sounds like the easy life for some!

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    Text - Things That Have Become Exciting When the store finally Receiving any sort of delivery has an item that's been missing for weeks Mom! Our neighbor dropped off that puzzle! And she said she totally disinfected it! Flour tortillas! ©Adrienne Hedger When you remember a good movie you wanted to watch Baking Should we make bread, cinnamon rolls, or cookies? Oooh! Let's No! Let's save it for SATURDAY. watch it YES. tonight!

    Adrienne emphasized the importance of finding some sort of schedule or routine in all of this mess. "We try and watch something as a family every night and on Saturdays, we watch a movie. On Friday night, we get a takeout night, which gives us something to look forward to."

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    Cartoon - Scenes From Self-Isolation I would, but I have a thing... Come watch this Oh! history documentary with me! Uhh... ©Adrienne Hedger No you don't. Come sit. Darnit!

    Her daughters have made their kitchen table their school headquarters, but sitting so close together doesn't always make for a peaceful environment. "The kids will do their school work at the same time and they're driving each other crazy. It's almost like they're doing things to annoy each other on purpose because it's human interaction. One will listen to their music loudly, or one will start reading their notes aloud while the other is trying to concentrate. It's stuff like that which really gets to the other one. But they're still coping."

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    Text - Scenes From Self-Isolation Stop there! What's going on? Are you guys FaceTiming each other?! Wait, scroll down. Ок. I want to see that picture. ©Adrienne Hedger Oh my gosh, we've reached Yes. Claire wanted to show me a website. Kate, You realize you're in the SAME ROOM, right? a new low. can you see it now? I didn't want to No, move your phone closer. stand up.

    Adrienne notes that one of the interesting things that have come out of quarantine life for her daughters is the unanticipated education in time management. "My daughter's school assigns work on a Monday and it's all due in at the end of the week. So, they decide which day they want to do it, although of course, they leave it all until the last minute. My daughters have never had so much control over their schedules and they're learning things they wouldn't necessarily have learned.

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    Line - Scenes From Self-Isolation 6:00 p.m. So you're NOT going to get out of your pajamas? It doesn't look like it. ©Adrienne Hedger I never even put on pants today. Lve

    Although Adrienne is used to working from home, she's not used to the rest of her family being there all day and sharing her workspace. "I've had to give my office to my husband because he makes a lot of calls. So now, I wander from room to room and everywhere I go, there's someone there. If I go into the kitchen to work, someone is in there getting a yogurt. I feel like a displaced person."

    But she does have an ally in all this - her dog. "He follows me everywhere. He's my one staff member", Adrienne told us. He must be truly baffled as to why everyone is home all day long!

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    Cartoon - Plan for today: Reality: Put on exercise clothes. Get out of the house and exercise! Eat two cupcakes. Adrienne Hedger

    When asked if her daughter's mind that they are the primary source of content for her cartoons, Adrienne replied, "That's a great question! No, they like it. I'll often show them a cartoon they're in before I publish it, to check that they're ok with it, and also to ask them if it's funny. The only gripe they have is they don't like the clothes I've drawn for them in the cartoon! Typical teenagers."

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    Product - ©Adrienne Hedger Ugh! *Thunk* I wrote one sentence and now l'm exhausted.

    Are her daughters her biggest fans? It's hard to tell. "Sometimes they'll be scrolling through Instagram and they'll come across one of my cartoons and double-tap without even reading it. I mean I'm glad for the likes, but they can at least read them". "Especially since it's probably about them", I add.

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    Line - Life With Little Kids OK, then stay in! OK, let's dry... But I don't want to get out! I'm ready to get out. BUT I WANT *Sigh* But I DON'T want to get out! TO GET OUT! Just tell me when you've worked through your emotions. АННН! ©Adrienne Hedger

    So how often does Adrienne produce a new cartoon? "Some days I'll do one, some days I'll do two. It just depends on how much content I get. I've found drawing to be a good way to cope with all of this. It's a familiar thing to do and there's something quite mindless about coloring which takes my mind off the other things. Honestly, I've stepped up my production during this time." And we're so glad she has!

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    Text - Text - Signs the Kids Are Up to No Good Too much laughter Weird questions НАНАНАНА! Do we have a huge piece of OK, what's going on?! cardboard? And a hammer? OH MY GOSH! And food coloring? НАНАНАНА!! Weird statements Too much silence Most Whatever you do, DON'T come in They're up to something. definitely. the kitchen. ©Adrienne Hedger

    For more of Adrienne's hilarious cartoons, check them out on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.


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