17 Tweets That Prove We Are The Virus

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    Product - Text - becca valek @becca_val Wow. In the time Chicago has been on lockdown, the bean finally sprouted. Nature is incredible. We are the virus 11:20 PM · 4/17/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Product - Richie Nakano 1/6 @linecook The pasta is returning to its natural habitat. Nature is healing, we are the virus www. Bara COLLEZIONL COLLEZIONE COLLEZIONE ONCOH CCOHETTE COLLO CARTS THOCK SPAGHm Barilla DHOK SPAGHET CAMPANLE CANG Barilla THICK SPAGHET Bara Barilla Gal MOSTACOOU CAMPANELLE hIN PUHETS Barilla Barlla Ba GOLDEN GRAIN CAMPAN CAMPANELLE 550A FETTUCCINE Barilla
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    Landmark - casey 5/6 @Caseylwanski Wow. This is Chicago, IL where the bean's babies have finally returned after not being seen for over 100 years. The earth is healing, we are the virus.
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    Product - Text - morgan @morganjuliarose due to less pollution, a beautiful photo of katy perry was taken this morning above LA. the earth is healing. we are the virus.
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    Product - Dog breed - Amanda Rose @amanda_thorp this photo of Ramsey NJ was taken yesterday. the earth is healing. we are the virus. Joarhsidypt
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    Sky - Soujatya Sen @sensoujatya 2/6 The pollution dropped. We can now see Sydney from New York. Nature is healing.
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    Product - Grass - yearning morg @barista_morg the jet skis are returning to florida is healing...we are the virus
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    Product - ben wasserman 4/6 @benwassertweet the yodel boys are returning to their natural habitat. nature is healing, we are the virus
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    Product - Product - nay @naycation with everyone in lockdown toilet paper is finally returning to its natural environment. nature is healing, we are the virus KnilA Quiton Quin ০ট Sgo 01040.010
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    Product - Text - Saint Silk @silk_laurent The earth is healing. We are the virus..
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    Text - Andrew Beecher 3/6 @andrew_beecher Wow. This is Buffalo, NY today where the city's namesake has returned for the first time since 1813. The earth is healing, we are the virus
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    Product - Atmospheric phenomenon - hot lettuce @starkidshaine nature is healing, we are the virus
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    Toilet seat - Garrett/GGTTW @GifDadsPad Garrett's 6/6 a to He wO I wanted to go to the bathroom and found this. Nature claims its place. We are the virus, the earth is healing
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    Product - Water - Nooh Ahamad @AhamadNooh With everyone on lockdown, the trucks have returned to their waterholes. Nature is healing. We are the virus. 15-10
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    Product - Text - marium @mariumks this is a photo of animals after taking back their habitat. the earth is healing. we are the virus ఇం 4:34 PM · 4/19/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Product - Face - elliot @elliotjtp there is no way you have met everyone in london in one day Miley Ray Cyrus O @MileyCyrus LOVED meeting everyone in london today!
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    Product - Sea - Men's Humor Men's Hümor @MensHumor We are the virus. Dolphins are truly beautiful


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