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Hiking With Your Pet Has Never Been So Unusual: Mountain Treks with a Silly Rabbit


People all around the world take their pets on hikes. Usually they have a canine companion or there’s the occasional hippy with a cat in a backpack scaling the hiking trails on all of the biggest mountains. What if I told you there were others out there who climbed mountains with a different furry friend? 


Meet Moose, a three year old, ridiculously badass rabbit who has climbed 48 of New Hampshire’s steepest hikes (over 4,000ft climbs!). Imagine the number of hops it takes to reach the top. Your average human would have trouble doing these sorts of athletic endeavors, but Moose is right at home. Typically when people think of a rabbit on a trail, they think of a scurrying, coyote snack that will dodge every passing shadow and flee from every branch snap. Not Moose.


Baby Bunny Badass Climbs Epic Mountains:


This cotton-tailed alpinist has been trailblazing with her owner for years, munching trailside grasses, bounding alongside cliff edges, and leaving passersby with confused looks on their faces. Moose has spent most of her life outside and has no apparent fear of anything in the natural world, which is exactly the opposite of what you would imagine any rodent reacting to the spookiness that lies in the woods. Considering most rodents are prey animals, those are legitimate concerns. 


Not for Moosie


Leading the way up rocky paths has earned Moose quite a following. With her lovable wiggling nose, cashmere soft fur, and fluffy lower chin, she is a stark contrast to her spiky, granite, sharp-edged surroundings, as she deftly scales each boulder in her path. Not only that, but this rabbit has seen more jaw-dropping sunrises, mountain peaks, and endless river valleys than the average house pet.


Since her owner is an avid hiker, Moose often takes part in hikes that are 8 or more miles, hopping along like it’s not nearly quadruple the steps for such a pint-sized morsel. Just the thought of an 8 mile ascent is deterring enough for most. However, running into Moose on the trail would certainly brighten anyone’s day and maybe, just maybe, she might even let you pet her– if she didn’t think your hand was an eagle circling above.

Although it’s not certain what kinds of hazards Moose and her owner have crossed on those unpaved roads, we can be sure that we will be seeing a lot more fluff bouncing up and down the north eastern forest footpaths. Confident as ever, Moose the fearless, conquers more than instinctual pressures; she moves mountains.


Celebrating 3 years! 



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