Woman Vows to Send Increasingly Weird Sign-Offs on Emails to Her Boss Until He Notices


Regardless of how you feel about your job. Whether you love it or despise it with the fury of 1,000 suns… We can all agree that the redundancy of the workplace atmosphere does not exactly help.


We humans do not thrive when our days look exactly the same every day. We don't have any real science to back that statement up, but we feel very passionate about it regardless.


Every so often, to sustain our sanity, we employees must shake things up from time to time. We firmly believe that there are simply a plethora of harmless things we can shift around in the office that will maximize our enjoyment whilst not hindering our productivity. Don't think too hard about it, your employers will thank you later.


The TikTok account @gounreserved is essentially dedicated to these kinds of shenanigans. All of their videos take place in a Canadian real estate office, and each day they prove our point even further. It is possible to both have fun and be productive.


Their page's bio says, “My boss told me to make this page go viral.” And they have definitely succeeded at that. The real estate page has already reached over 1.4 million views. And we've included some of their most popular videos below.


Most importantly, the series was orchestrated by one sharp employee who has vowed to send ridiculous sign-offs to her boss every day until he notices. 



Weird Sign Off's Part 1


Anyone who works in a career similar to this knows that about half of our job is sending emails, so it simply sounds genius to add a little flair to them. And it's also pretty believable that there have been four parts and Mr. Boss-man still hasn't noticed. When was the last time you read a work email all the way to the end?


Anyway, let's continue watching these ridiculous sign-off videos.


Weird Sign Off's Part 2


Weird Sign-Off's Part 3


Weird Sign-Off's Part 4


And just for fun, we've included another viral prank from the same page. Enjoy!


Another Prank On The Same Boss


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