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Happy Ending: Woman Falls in Love with Street Dog in Mexico Who Won't Leave Her Side, So She Finds Him a Furever Home


In some places, like Mexico, it's very common for their to be lots of stray dogs wondering the streets. Many times the community cares for these pups and they live a pretty decent life on the streets with no human control. However, every now and then one of these dogs will connect so strongly with a human, that they need to go home with them. 


This is what happened to TikToker Kiana aka @alohaitzkiana. Kiana has fall in love many times with street dogs while visiting her in-laws in Mexico. Since she lives in the U.S., it's very difficult to arrange to adopt a street dog and then bring it back to the U.S. There are organizations that can help with it, but usually it's a very long, complex, and expensive process. However, Kiana had another trick up her sleeves. 


A dog in particular came up to Kiana in Mexico and they instantly fell in love. This was a different feeling this time, though. The two were inseparable and Kiana simply could not bare leaving him behind. Bringing him back to the U.S. posed too difficult for her, but she got him adopted anyways. She asked around the locals about the dog, and they said that the little guy has been a stray there for many years and belongs to no one. Now that she got the clear that he doesn't already belong to another family, she brought him back to her in-laws place.


“Long story short…”


This is the kind of dog that will capture your hear the second you meet him, so of course the in-laws were instantly enamored. Kiana didn't want to part, so the in-laws ended up fully adopting the sweet boy and named him Che. Luckily, Kiana goes to visit them often, so her and Che still get to hang out all the time and now the dog is able to live in a warm and loving home, and he never has to fight for any meals every again. Kiana says Che is currently being trained and he is super smart and picking up on the lessons extremely quickly. 




The sweet boy truly made a quick transition from lone street dog to loving family dog. 


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