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Empathetic Dog Squints to Mimic His Mom's Swollen Eye After She Comes Home from Getting a Cornea Transplant


Chef/TikToker Rasheda aka @mamasheedz recently had to get cornea surgery. The procedure went well and now she has been at home recovering. To keep her company she has her sweet sweet pittie pup. The dog loves her and lays by her side as her eyes heal. But he takes it even one step further…



The dog either wants her to not to feel so alone in her struggle and is joining in on the squinting to make her feel less lonely. OR the pup has a great sense of humor and is just messing with his mom and making fun of her for having an eye that in involuntarily squinting. Either way, we're here for it. 


“My dog got jokes….”


Rasheda has had a cornea transplant before. It's not the easiest procedure to do, not that any surgery is, and this one also requires a donors. Earlier in the month she got the news that she was able to obtain a donor and her surgery was set. The procedure requires several weeks of recovering, with many of those weeks leaving you with an eye that's practically swollen shut. This was no different for Rasheda and her healing eye is currently still swollen and forced to squint. 


You'd think that would lead to many people giving her sympathy and treating her gently. Her dog might be attempting that?? But feels more like he's mimicking her to make fun of her. She finds it hilarious and has a great sense of humor about it. Her dog took one look at her, registered that her one eye was shut, and decided to join in on the fun. Now when he looks at her, he too squints one of his eyes. It's actually totally adorable. 


Surgery Time


Rasheda says it's not just her dog that's been teasing her about the way her eyes look during her recovery—all in good fun though. Apparently, she says her therapist has been calling her Left Eye like from the '90s group TLC and her husband has been calling her “the left eye bandit.” They do say laughter is the best medicine, so really everyone is just trying to help Rasheda have a speedy recovery. 


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