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Lost Dog Looks Afraid to Go Home, Woman Returns Him Anyways, TikTokers are Furious, So Woman Goes Back to Investigate, Becomes Besties with the Owners


TikToker Jacquee found a lost dog one day roaming the streets. She hollered for him to hop into her car and he happily obliged. The beautiful black shepherd was wearing a collar with the owner's information on it, so she gave them up a call. They weren't home at the time, but they told her to take him back to the address and hook him up to the lead they had by their house. 


So she did just that and in the meantime fell in love with the dog. When she got to the property she opened up the door and told the dog he was home, but something strange happened. All of a sudden, he did not want to go. He looked unhappy to be getting out of that car. He laid down and tried to ignore her commands. It was weird and Jacquee got a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach about leaving this baby here. 


She calculated the situation and she looked at the dog and he seemed very healthy—he was strong, well fed, and had the shiniest coat she'd ever seen. She figured he wasn't being abused and maybe just loved car rides and didn't want to get out. So she eventually was able to convince him out of the car and she hooked him up to the lead. 


She left him there hoping she did the right thing, but she couldn't shake this bad feeling she had deep inside. 


“This was so hard!! I didn’t want to leave him.”


TikTok seemed to support her bad feeling, saying that she should've trusted her gut feeling and kept the dog. That the dog must be trying to tell her something and that she needed to go back and save him, etc. So she decided to go back, unannounced, and check in on the dog. 


Returning to Check on the Dog


Initially, she was uneasy about the situation and secretly recorded the encounter for her own safety and to have proof incase there was actual dog abuse going down. What she found was not at all what she was expecting. When she pulled up the owners were a senior couple and they were extremely kind and welcoming. When she told them she was the one who found their dog, they were so grateful to her and invited her inside to say hi to the little man. When she came in she found the dog, whose name is Buck, happy as a clam and spoiled as ever. 


First Buck-Date 


The dog had his own huge comfy bed, tons of toys, and the owners even said they give him a fresh egg every day to keep his coat shiny. The only reason he was lost on that particular day is because these owners have acres and acres of land and they let Buck run free, since he doesn't tend to go too far from the home usually. That day was different, it would seem, because he decided to be a little more explorative and he made it off the property. 


The couple were so kind and sweet that Jacquee came again the next day to visit, and then another day, this time with her children, and then they started making their own “Buck-dates” so her and her kids could come visit the dog and the loving owners of the dog. 


Buck-Date #3


The situation could've been a horrible one, but instead it turned out that this dog gained some kiddos to run out some energy with and play, and this family gained some adoptive grandparents. Some serious Disney movie material—you can't make this stuff up! 



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