Cleaner Has Classy Response for "Water Discount" Client

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    Text - Hi Just wanted to let you know that we loved the cleaning last week and was wondering if you could come back every month ?! Also, we we're wondering if you could give us a discount next time ?! We saw you refilling your water bottle from our sink, it seems not a big deal but our water bill is high specially with our new pool... looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you
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    Text - Hi i I am so very glad you loved the cleaning last week, I give it my all to every house. As far as the water that I took from your sink: with the face mask, gloves, the AC off in your home, it gets very hot. I sweat a lot when cleaning which I have to replace with water, I have to be hydrated because it wouldn't be fun me passing out in your home because of
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    Text - dehydration. Please send your vemno or PayPal for the reimbursement of 32oz of water ( it's 2 cents a gallon ) As far as me coming back again, it seems like we're not a good match. I wish you good luck and health. Have a good day.


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