Customer Demands Extra Jam, Gets Weaponized Donut

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    Text - Posted by u/MPX73 1 day ago Oh, I'll fill your donut, lady.... oc s Backtrack to 1987. Times were good, jobs were plentiful and little 14yr old me walked into a job as a bakery assistant. Even the 4.30am starts didn't put me off, I rolled in every Saturday morning and worked like a trooper. About two months in, someone complained about their donut not having enough jam in. I wasn't responsible for this, but the lady was having none of it and demanded a new one, full this time, not like th
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    Text - In the back of the bakery was the donut filling machine. It was like a jam vat with a spike and a pump handle. I took an already-filled donut and put three more pumps in. It was quite round. Another pump, and it was looking pretty much fit to burst. Back at the counter, the lady was looking impatient, so I hurriedly placed the weaponised donut in a box, gave it to her, apologised and off she went. The car park was visible from the shop, she made it back there before opening the white box
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    Text - I saw her bite it and recoil in absolute horror as the donut exploded all over her blouse. I laughed my head off. The shop owner found it less funny but realised the irony of it. For a moment I thought she was going to come in and complain but she obviously realised she'd gotten exactly what she asked for. She never complained again, but I was also never ever trusted with the donut filling machine again either! 3 4 1 3
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    Text - your_moms_apron 664 points · 1 day ago TIL that jam can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
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    Text - _jay 1.4k points · 1 day ago About a decade later than yours, I was working at a Maccas when we had a guy complain that he had asked for extra pickles but didn't get enough extra. So we remade his Mac and threw in a ridiculous hand full of pickles, it was almost 1:1 pickles to the rest of the buger, and so the bulging burger that was more pickle than burger was sent out.
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