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Daryl's Actions in the Mid-Season Finale Could Mean Disaster For Everyone

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    One of the most tragic moments in the mid season finale came at the hands of Daryl. In this post apocalyptic wasteland, lines often blur between hero and villain. As excited as we are for Daryl's escape we can't help but feel a little bitter towards him because of his actions.

    As Daryl is escaping he happens to run into Fat Joey enjoying a nice sandwich, Fat Joey calls out in surprise when he sees Daryl, which gives his presence away. When Daryl makes a move towards Joey, he tells him that Daryl is free to go and that he is just trying to make it by like everyone else.

    Despite raised hands, Daryl's anguish over the death of his friends earlier prevails and he beats Joey over the head with a lead pipe. When Jesus arrives even he disapproves.

    Daryl doesn't know it but he might have just inadvertently caused massive problems for everyone else

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    See, the thing is, according to some background dialogue dug up by Comic Book, Joey is the guardian angel who has been keeping all of the Walkers at bay.

    Back when Jesus and Carl were hitchhiking in the back of the Saviors truck, we overheard a couple of Saviors talking about the Walkers. Well it turns out that there is a MASSIVE herd nearby, but the reason that they haven't been a threat at all for a while is that the Saviors have figured out how to control the herd and keep it away from communities. Scratch that, JOEY had figured it out, the Saviors name him as the one behind the 'redirect' and that he had been using a clever string of explosions to lead the Walkers away.

    When the truck gets to Sanctuary we hear Negan outside talking to Fat Joey and we hear that something has gone wrong with the redirect.

    It appears that Joey is the only one who knew how to keep this redirect up and how to fix the problem, it might even be why he was choosing to let Daryl go. He knows how important his role is to EVERYONE.

    Chances are there is now a herd of Walkers out there that is completely out of control.

    Now we know Negan isn't the most emotional man, but chances are he is going to be upset about this one and the implications it has.

    One things for sure, we're going to be seeing more Walkers in the second half of this season.


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