Women Reveal Crazy Ways Guys Stalked Them After A First Date

  • When he slides into your friend's DMs to get to you.


    A guy I went on ONE date with and wasn't into sent DMs to several people in my social circle (who he had never met) on Instagram and asked them to convince me to give him another shot.

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  • When he contacts you at work and your secretary has to block him.

    Abdomen - GET OFF MY ASS!

    I met a guy on Bumble and we went on one mediocre date. I didn't respond to any of his texts and figured he would take the hint. Spoiler alert: He didn't. He started calling the front desk at my work multiple times/day and leaving messages on my machine. The secretary had to block his number

  • When he makes up that you gave him an STD — to your current boyfriend.

    Hair - You're batcrap crazy!

    I went on a date with a guy and I didn't see it going anywhere. He continued to find reasons to text me whether it be a question about someone I was familiar with or a recommendation…whatever! Shortly after I met another guy and we began dating. Guy #1 saw this on social media and messaged my new boyfriend. He told him to be careful because I gave him an STD. He told him I gave him HPV…GUYS CAN'T GET TESTED FOR HPV. Also, we did nothing below the waist, he was just crazy.

  • When he turns up at your work, unannounced.

    Hair - Why are you so obsessed with me?

    After two dates with this guy, I decided there was no spark and told him I wasn't interested. He lived an hour outside of Pittsburgh and I worked in the city. I work at a hair salon and I told him the general area where the salon was, which was VERY vague. Guess who randomly 'dropped in' for a hair cut several days later? I have NO idea how he found me because I Googled myself and couldn't find anything about where I worked.

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  • When he writes you a letter because you've had to block him on all digital platforms.

    Photo caption - READ THE ROOM Quibi

    I went on a date with someone from but I wasn't into him. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He reached out on all social media forums and I ended up blocking him. He went so far as to write me a letter because he knew which apartment complex I lived in. One of my best friends was also on Match and I just so happened to be in one of her profile pictures. He reached out to my friend to ask her if she could convince me to unblock him and give him another chance.

  • When he joins your gym.


    After a few dates with a guy, I told him I didn't see it going anywhere. He knew I worked out every day after work at the gym nearby. Guess who was suddenly a member?

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  • When he treks across the city to stalk you in your local coffee shop.


    I went out with someone I met online. He offered to come to my neighborhood in Queens in NYC. He lived in Manhattan, which is quite a trek. He commented on how charming the area was and said the coffee shop across the street looked really 'cool'. I casually mentioned this coffee shop was where I would work a few times/week when I needed to get out of the house (I work from home). When he asked me out again I told him I wasn't interested. Several days later I am working at the coffee shop and he shows up. The barista (who I was on a first-name basis with) said that he had been working there for the last few days. Homeboy took two forms of transportation and crossed a river to get to this coffee shop.

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  • When he figures out your address based on an enormous landmark.

    Hair - I HAVE A STALKER.

    While on a date with someone I met online I made the mistake of telling him something like 'I live behind the Pepsi-Cola sign, which is a recognizable landmark in New York with MANY large buildings behind it. I didn't find myself attracted to him so told him I got more of a 'platonic' vibe. The next day my doorman delivered a giant bouquet of roses from him. He didn't even know my last name, but he somehow figured out where I lived based on an enormous landmark.

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