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The Best Tinder Posts Of The Week

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    Face - ERO Pimples? Zero efrnes Blackheads? the number of Zero sexual encounters I've had since downloading tinder 1 year ago ZERO
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    Text - Tell me a little something about yourself? :) Why
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    Text - Her: I really like men that think ahead. Me: I already drank a liter of pineapple juice. Her: What? Me: What?
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    Face - Ange, 28 Verified O 13 miles away Cooking Movies Grab a drink Wine Coffee If your pick up line ain't something like “ omg you are so gorgeous. I would dead ass fight 3 mountain lions in a McDonald's bathroom handicap stall with my hands tied behind my back and my only weapon is a shake weight glued to my forehead just to get a chance to get to know you" then I don't want it
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    Text - Today 16:31 Is it ok if we skip the flirty banter and go straight to Nandos, we've only got 3 days? That might be the hottest thing a guy has ever said to me GIF Type a message .. V.
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    Eating - Hundreds of women with no interest in casual sex that need a career orientated homeowner to be a stepfather to their kids. Me who thought this was a hookup app.
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    Job - If you aren't going to respond to guys who open with "Hey" on Tinder Don't open with "Hey" on Bumble
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    Text - ull vodafone AU ? 10:53 pm C7 54% Anais Hey there gorgeous You have Anais swimsuit e Hahah thanks I wonder how it would look on my bedroom floor No Understandable, have Anais day * Sent Type a message. Send GIF
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    Text - Finn Thursday 9:38 PM Friday 12:19 AM Friday 7:35 AM Hm Today 2:59 AM I am curious, what was the dash? It certainly worked for me as an ice breaker Today 7:14 AM It was a hyphen "hi finn"
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    Text - 4Gull, 99 06:52 Amber They say dating me is just like traffic lights. 7 hours ago And why's that? Amber 6 hours ago Amber always comes before we stop. 6 hours ago That is hands down the best pick up line I have ever received, straight to the group chat. So, my place or yours? Amber 6 hours ago GIF Send a message...


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