Relatable Classical Art Memes That Show Things Have Always Been The Same

  • 1
    Human - But my heart is big I can't ride a heart
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  • 2
    Tablecloth - Me after a long day of being "the funny friend"
  • 3
    Human - When a werewolf tries to steal your ribs
  • 4
    People - I was a serial killer, and you? I once worked on a Sunday
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  • 5
    Human - Why art thou wearing thy full armour good Sir Knight? Art thou off to fight in the crusades? Nay fair Lady. I'm going to try to give my cat a pill.
  • 6
    Cheek - Me checking the electricity bill: Please don't be high Electricity bill:
  • 7
    Human - Get yourself someone who looks at you the way this musical centaur's face butt looks at those raspberries.
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  • 8
    Human - I had a feeling I was gonna meet someone special out here today *blushes* Thank y- But I was wrong
  • 9
    Cheek - When you've been trying to get the barman's attention for 15 minutes and some jackass just strolls up to the bar, blurts out their order and then gets served ahead of you
  • 10
    Organism - When you come home drunk and start lecturing your pets
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  • 11
    Arm - you memes you've already seen and you start to think maybe When your friends keep showing you've seen all the memes When your friends keep showing eumemes you've aready seen and you start to think maybe you've seen all the memes
  • 12
    Human - When a girl is playing hard to get she'll ignore you, but it just means she really likes you Woah... that means pretty much every girl really likes me
  • 13
    Cheek - "Sorry, we don't do returns if you can't present the entire receipt." Мy Mum: uty ng i4 si sim nn
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  • 14
    Ancient history - COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Bake 2 Pies in the sun for 90 minutes
  • 15
    Petal - When she says she likes vegans boredpanda.com
  • 16
    Head - When you hand your child magic mushrooms but he hands them back to you because he already has a relaible dealer and doesn't want to create beef
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  • 17
    Head - Yeah, I've noticed that Have you ever noticed that in memes the person on the left always speaks first?
  • 18
    Chin - God: What are they doing down there? Angel: They are making milk from almonds. God: What? I gave them like, 8 animals to get milk from. Angel: They don't like that milk. God:
  • 19
    Sitting - I feel like nobody understands me Sorry I have no idea what you mean
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  • 20
    Fashion accessory - When we splurge and spend more than $6 for a bottle of wine THE DAD
  • 21
    History - You aren't allowed to do stuff like this anymore, it's bullshit
  • 22
    Nose - I'm sorry, that name is already taken. however Jen_1986 I think I'll name her Jennifer and J3nny289 are still available
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  • 23
    Text - When you're the first person in your college dorm to turn 21
  • 24
    Lip - When someone else gets in trouble for something you did
  • 25
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  • 26
    Hand - Me thinking about a cringey thing I said in 2008
  • 27
    Human - Artist: So how would you like to be painted, young lady? Girl: With my favourite fish A: Are you sure? It might di-- G: WITH MY FISH A: ... Ok G: .... And also this drunk cat
  • 28
    Human - Growing up with siblings I'm sorry you're fine you're fine please don't tell mom
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  • 29
    Organism - Me: *waters lawn* My dog trying to bite the stream:
  • 30
    Human - Paint me like one of your 18th Century boys
  • 31
    Human - *being prepared as virgin sacrifice* me: You're making a mistake. I do the sex all the time. shaman: *stops his ritualistic chanting* Name the one who takes your seed. me: Your mother.
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  • 32
    Organism - tfw only lasagna can cure the pain
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