Belligerent Choosing Beggar Threatens To Snitch On Desk Seller

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    Green - +61 Today Hi there, I was wondering what the turn around time for a custom desk is. I need the height to be 700mm. Width enough to fit triple 24" monitors side by side. I'd like a keyboard sized area at the front slanted forward for ease of typing/gaming 17:25 Hiya, I have a template for that exact design. Around 2 weeks before we can start it currently 17:30
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    Blue - Oh, can you do it sooner by any chance? I was referred by M 17:32 I'm sorry 2 weeks from now is the best I can do at the moment. We're quite busy as M stopped importing and rely on us now 17:35
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    Text - Thankyou. I'll inform s that you weren't helpful at all and they'll pull the contract. How long now? 17:36 Still 2 weeks 17:39 / I will seriously notify Mark and I will advise him to not use you anymore if you can't do better than 2 weeks. 17:47 ?? 17:49
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    Text - ..dos weeks 17:50 I'm not joking 17:51 ?? 17:53 Hold a second, I'm on the phone with Mark 17:54 You are not 17:55 He said 2 weeks 17:55 / ?? 17:57 He's calling you now 17:58 / hello? 18:00 / I can't believe you actually snitched to him. You don't even know my name? 18:03
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    Green - I said "some dude with (your number) is saying he wants to discuss pulling our mutually beneficial contract Mark. Would you like to chat with him?" 18:05 ok look, l'll do you a favour since you're so nice 18:06 so how long already? 18:10 I just re-checked my schedule 18:15
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    Green - and??? 18:17 well???? 18:18 Hang on just crunching some numbers 18:27 If you say 2 weeks i swear 18:28 ???? 18:30
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    Green - I better not say anything then, I wouldn't want you to swear 18:36 just say it!! what the hell is wrong with you? 18:37 oh my god! How long does it take? 18:40 Never mind. screw you 18:43 ....3 weeks 18:58 / Fuck you 19:00 Type a message


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