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Fabulous Pelican Walks Through Boardwalk Restaurant Like He Owns the Place, Gets up Close and Personal With the Staff


Never in my life did I think I would come across a video of a snazzy-looking pelican making his way throw a little boardwalk restaurant as if he was checking in on the tables, but here we are, and obviously I'm not mad about it either. There definitely worse things to find on the internet, I would definitely consider this catch to be a total win.


There really isn't much else I can say to effectively prepare you for this video, so let's just get right into it. Shall we?


Let's Watch


So apparently this beautiful moment was caught at a restaurant in Cyprus but TikTok content creator, @davewherton. People were clearly taken aback by it as the clip has already been viewed over 14 million times. And people had a lot to say in the comment section as well.


We'll share some of the funniest comments:


Aww like how you fixed his hair haha - boblad9922


Just the manager checking on customers 😂 - jagharettindisktnamnmed


What a distinguished gentleman - eyvind23


The way it hurried after him 😂😂😂😂 - jayay9119


He just got invited in and casually strolled in! - khaliaamaratala


he's a regular - inappropriate_comments

“Right this way sir, you’re at table 4 today.” - barkbox


he is like, chill people its a usual visit 😂🥰 - priiyaa06


hes walking around like he owns the place - eden4rmbr



A lot of people wanted some more context on the video, but it doesn't seem like Dave had much to share. He does, however, have another video with the same gorgeous pelican so we have made sure to include it in this article.


Just A Normal Day In Cyrpus


So apparently in Cyprus, you can find some snazzy pelicans walking around and getting seated in beautiful restaurants. Perhaps it's time to book a trip? Just a thought. Until then we're happy to see that this fella is enjoying himself from afar. We would love to see a children's book written about the Pelican running a restaurant. Doesn't that just sound like a golden-dollar idea? Feel free to steal it. Or just put it on his bill. Get it? Bill. We should probably stop.


Until we see more of Mr. Pelican, we shall wait patiently. Unless we make our way to Cyprus before then, that would be even better.


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