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Overly Affectionate Cat Doesn't Understand Personal Space (Viral Thread)

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    "Does anyone else have a really needy cat that doesn't understand personal space? Every morning I wake up to seeing my door slightly open, some hefty foot steps and then BAM! A fat cat appears. Staring me dead in the eyes. "

    "That or he meows at my door until I open it. He then proceeds to get as close as possible to my face and make himself comfortable, even though he has a designated spot on my bed. He demands cuddles and will get upset if I don't oblige.

    The following are videos I've captured over the years of Sylvester doing what he does best."

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    "If I don't give him enough attention he does this."

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    "He likes to be little spoon. If I turn around he will bring out his claws or push my back with his feet."

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    "Love waking up to a rogue claw."

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    "Casanova over here. I wonder how far he will go. Like he has to be as close as possible to my face."

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    "From an outside view this looks cute, but you can't see his claws digging into my neck."

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    "He always has to be touching at least a part of me."

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    "After 15 minutes of cuddling he's done. He turns around or moves to his spot and acts like I don't exist for the next few hours. This happens everyday. He does this cute thing where he covers his eyes. *Sound on for kitty snores*"

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    "And then at night when I'm watching tv on the couch he jumps up and starts again."

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    "Sometimes I wonder if this is what parents feel like when babies sleep on them. It's the best feeling."

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    "I guess he's cute or whatever. But I'm also pretty sure he knows he's cute, so I don't like to give him that satisfaction. Like he's very full of himself and self-aware. "


    "Anyone else have an overly affectionate cat? Even if you don't, I would love to hear about your cat (or dog or whatever pet). What are they like? Are they an asshole? What's your favorite thing about them?"


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