Ten Most Annoying Profile Pics Men Use On Dating Apps

  • Skiing pics…or anything where we can’t see what you look like

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    OK, you like to ski or scuba dive or ride dirt bikes or…whatever hobby that requires you to conceal your face but we need to see your face in order to figure out whether or not we want to sit on it.

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  • Gym selfies

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    Guys. We CANNOT stress enough how much of a f*cking douche lord you look like when you post any sort of selfie at the gym. I PROMISE you no quality woman is turned on by your thirsty gym selfies. For the love of sweet baby Jesus, please stop posting pictures you take of yourself at the gym.

  • Pictures holding a fish

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    That dead fish gets me so hot…said no woman ever. Pictures with fish are the equivalent of women with tigers or any other exotic animal. It becomes ubiquitous and annoying. No more fish, please.

  • Shirtless selfies/photos of only your shirtless torso

    Colorfulness - 1:31 1:21 1:20 LOL! et me as your self. S 35 m actuany onny here looking for girls who love bearded italian men, I don't care much for anything else. My only joy is being in charge and havi. el 28 uun us uIu a Jm me for my insta Iso im 21' not 23 rous willing to meet new people by life with no regrets. I am tall e you ha ha ha then Lmake

    The first things thing that comes to mind when we see a shirtless selfie is that you are obsessed with your own body and how you look which is not ideal in a potential partner. Put your fucking shirt on, you thirsty ass tw*t waffle.

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  • Car selfies

    Colorfulness - 1:21 35 1:20 POW 29 Iback kind of guy from NJ. Juas uan udy if you're curious to know Tinderlandial I'm learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?. Cooking Dancing more.

    Women are just as guilty of this. It's just…why?? Why did you suddenly get in your car and think, 'hey, I think I'll take a picture'? There was literally NOWHERE else you could have snapped a decent photo of yourself?

  • Bathroom selfies

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    But seriously, after you took a piss what inspired you to be like 'yo, I look so fly right now, I better take a selfie so all the b*tches on the internet can see.' Bathroom selfie-takers are often double offenders by also being shirtless.

  • The starring into the abyss photo

    Technology - HAA

    So you were just minding your own business, pondering the existential meaning of life and someone decided to snap a pic of you mid contemplation? Yeah. OK.

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  • Pictures with a private jet/fancy car/in first class

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    When we see a pic of a man trying desperately to flaunt his wealth, we automatically assume he is making up for smaller things. It is usually these guys that end up complaining that all women are gold diggers. Go f*cking figure.

  • Pics where you are not even in the photo

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    Umm…like…why? F*ck.

  • Creepy/douchey selfies in general

    Eyewear - 1:31 1:34 12:47 12:46 Shoplifters will be 'rosecuted his is a oke Free acility WHAM! POD tor at Squeaky Clean D. Board Games Comedy Music DIY Where are the trippy Goths Dogecoin millionaire Psychedelicfall MCi Museum Monroe 5 miles

    If your facial expression reminds me of a serial killer or you are posing like a complete ass clown, we are going to swipe left. If there is literally no one in your life that can take a normal picture of you then we probably don't want to hang out with you either.


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