The Walking Dead

Top 10 Walking Dad Jokes

  • 1

    Dang It Dad

    Headgear - You could really usea haircut, Dad Ohyeah?Which one? C BLOCK C Which one, Carl?! BLOCK aMc
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  • 2

    See! Cause It Has Two Meanings!

    Headgear - Dad, that walker backtheregrazed my arm, the skin is starting to turn red Well, rd say that we should cut it off.. BLOCK C BLOCK Butldon't want to make any rash decisions, Carl. aMc Fibr
  • 3

    Can I Get A Rimshot!?

    Headgear - Are you alright, Dad? C BLOCK No, I'm half left aMc
  • 4

    If It Quacks Like A Duck

    Hat - Do you feel like an ice cream, Carl? C BLOCK aMc Cause you don't look like an ice cream. Dad, stop BLOCK aMC
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  • 5

    When Sign Language Isn't An Option

    Movie - Hey Carl,how doyousell adeaf mana chicken? C BLOCK aMc HEY! WANT TO BUY A CHICKEN?!
  • 6

    He's Been Watching 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights'

    Headgear - Myright sock is soaked. If you see anew one,I could use a shoe. Blessyou C Dad, seriously, There's ahole in my shoe. CK C BLOCK Mine too, Carl! It's how Oget my foot inside! aMc Fibrt
  • 7

    Commas Are King

    Movie - C They just ate everyone in Woodbury. They can't cat anymore, dad! C BLOCK Osurehope they can'teat anymore dad, Carl! aMC
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  • 8

    You're The Worst, Dad

    Hat - C Dad, We haven'teaten in days. Canyou make measandwich? aMc Abracadabra! You're a sandwich. BLOCK Dad, we're dying aMC
  • 9

    Slippery When Wet

    Headgear - ive got some bad news, Carl. Glennfelloffa 50-foot ladder when he was out scouting today C Ohmy god! Glenn is dead? asid C BLOCK No! Luckily he was only on the bottom rung. aMc
  • 10

    It's Going To Be A Long Year

    Hat - Look at that, it's 12:02am Happy New Year, Carl! BLOCK aMo Have you seen your mother? I have't seen her ALL YEAR! Get it? ALL YEAR! BLOCK Dad, mom is dead. aMC

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