Man Parks Improperly Too Many Times, Stinky Punishment Ensues

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    Organism - r/tifu + Join u/nuqlick · 8h TIFU by parking improperly and stinking up my car M For some background, where I live there has been a big problem with public parking recently. Too many people, too few parking spaces.
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    Font - But "wheel boots" aren't used here, unlike in America where I used to live. And on city streets, the cars are parked too close together for you to be towed. You also can't get your license suspended for parking violations. The worst that happens is you get a fine, which to me isn't much money, and they often don't even catch you to give you the fine. I guess the sentiment is common, since unauthorized parking is pretty common.
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    Font - Well, I guess the city had been getting complaints or they had enough, because a while ago after I got my 5th parking ticket, I got a note on the car along with the ticket saying that traffic enforcement would apply...what literally translated to "ferret scent?" | "mink scent/musk?" to my car, the next time it was parked improperly. I had no clue if I should take that literally or even if my translation was right, but I didn't think much of it. I avoided parking in unauthorized places for
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    Font - And got away with it. So I did it again the next week, and then again a couple weeks later, and that time I came back to find the familiar ticket on my windshield. "No big deal" I thought. Until I got inside and turned the engine on, and then this SMELL hit me.
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    Organism - I've never smelled anything like it before; I still don't even know how to describe it. The closest I can think would be the smell of the zoo, but it was way stronger than that. Maybe someone who's been around ferrets can put it into words better for me. . But it was awful and overwhelming, and seemed to get worse as I drove home.
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    Rectangle - Since then, I've tried just about everything I can think of to remove it, and it's faded a decent amount, but there's still a faint smell. tl;dr unauthorized parking one too many times, car now smells like a dirty ferret cage 4 2.2k 3 ↑, Share 160
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    Font - kanonnenkugel · 7h 1 Award This reminds me of a crazy story I heard from my boss while working at a wildlife sanctuary! Apparently several years ago, there was a couple who had purchased a pet fox, but were no longer willing to care for it. Instead of going to the trouble of finding a sanctuary (such as ours) to relocate the fox too, they just dumped it on the side of the road. Thankfully they were caught, and arrested for animal neglect.
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    Font - When the judge asked them why they did it, they said they couldn't handle the fox's smell anymore (which is the reason 80+% of people give us when they surrender their foxes to us). Soooo...the judge agreed to not sentence them to jail time as per the plea deal. They got 30 days of house arrest and probation...on one condition. For those 30 days, they had to keep an open bottle of fox urine (yes, you can buy it) in EVERY room in their house.
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    Font - (I was also surprised how common "uncommon punishments" are in the US. I can easily find dozens of them, and I'm sure there's thousands more that don't make the news. Apparently as long as it's a plea deal to avoid jail time, it doesn't really matter if the punishment is constitutional since the defendant will never appeal to a appeals court to make that determination...since that would just result in the usual jail sentence being imposed) I'm telling you though, I think I might prefer ja
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    Font - nogus2 · 7h The closest I can think would be the smell of the zoo, but it was way stronger than that. Maybe someone who's been around ferrets can put it into words better for me... Yeah what do ferrets actually smell like? So many people say it's god awful and then you have these nose-blind ferret owners who just say it "just smells like a hamster cage" and stuff Is it really different/worse than wet dog? What does it smell like? G Reply 64 5 ...
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    Rectangle - yourock_rock · 3h It's so much worse than wet dog, sooo0000 much. It's nasty. It's like a grosser skunk all the time 46 3 ...


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