Badass Women Who Made History So You Wouldn't Have to

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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Forehead - Theresa B. ... @TBoisseauATX Replying to @matthewjdowd I was thinking of this one yesterday. Miss her #RBG I ASK NO FAVOR FOR MY SEX. ALL I ASK OF MY BRETHREN IS THAT THEY TAKE THEIR FEET OFF OUR NECKS. RUTH BADER GINSBURG 4:37 PM - Mar 3, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

    When they say good things come in small packages, they're def talking about RBG, the second woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. 

    When it comes to gender equality, we owe a helluva lot to this little lady. She is behind a lot of what we take for granted today. My fave? Financial independence, hands-down. Thanks to this feminist icon, we've got that cash cash at our fingertips, no male chaperone required. Brb, skipping all the way to the bank. There's obviously a reason she's called Notorious RBG.

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    Aretha Franklin

    Clothing - 247 Live Culture 247LC @247LC Black History Fact: Aretha Franklin was the 1st female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. 9:13 PM - Feb 27, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

    This queen produced "Respect," the song that became the ultimate battle cry for women demanding respect in the 1970s. We need to bring that kinda hot girl energy into 2021. 

    The "Queen of Soul" may have inspired the music of your fave artists' today (God bless for her influence on Beyonce), but she's accomplished so much more than producing iconic music. Let's hear it for this social justice warrior, who also fought for civil rights, charity, and health! 

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    Amelia Earhart

    Hair - S Joubert .. @Sofialoubert "Everyone has oceans to fly , if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?" - Amelia Earhart © Edward Steichen 8:25 PM - Mar 3, 2021 - Twitter Web App

    She had the guts and stamina to become the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Evidently, you don't need a man to travel the world, so take note, ladies. Do like Amelia Earhart, and don't let your dreams be dreams! Spread your wings, and (quite literally) fly!

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    Rosa Parks

    Human - TurningOverTables @OverTables Before this month is over, join me in celebrating Rosa Parks' life. 3:21 AM - Mar 1, 2021 - Twitter for Android

    Rosa Parks changed the world without getting out of her seat. What's your excuse, you lazy sack of potatoes? This one defiant moment ultimately changed the segregated fabric of society. So get TF out there and break some rules! You might just change the world as we know it (No promises though. Set your standards low). 

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    Eileen Collins

    Product - m Mojo Aerospace @MojoAerospace Eileen Collins was the first female Space Shuttle commander. She performed the first "rendezvous pitch maneuver" of the Shuttle - basically a backflip that showed the heat-shield to the ISS for photos. 7:02 PM - Mar 2, 2021 - TweetDeck

    This woman shooting for the stars to the next level, taking charge as the first female Space Shuttle commander. Meanwhile, we're all out here hoping the stars will align so that we'll get a solid weekly horoscope. Maybe it's time to take one out of Eileen's book, and physically go to space to set the record straight to the stars ourselves. 

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    Marie Curie

    Product - Insta Science SCIENCE @insta_science "Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas." -Marie Curie- 11:50 AM - Mar 4, 2021 - Twitter Web App

    The quote in this tweet is my fave. Ms. Curie was like "f*ck social interaction, I have my huge brain to keep me company." She discovered radium and polonium, and made huge contributions to finding cancer treatments. 

    Her scientific genius scored her two Nobel Prizes, making her the first woman to win a Nobel prize. You don't meet a woman like that every century. 

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    Heddy Lamarr

    Hairstyle - History_Northwest @HistoryNorthwe 1 ... In honor of day 1 of Women's History Month, I give you Heddy Lamar, inventor of wi-fi and Bluetooth. Hedy Lamarr: The Incredible Mind Behind Secure Wifi, GPS And Bluetooth The patent Lamarr filed aimed to protect her 1941 invention for radio communications to 'hop' from one frequency to another so that Allied torpedo. O 3:27 AM - Mar 2, 2021- Twitter for iPhone

    This icon was a triple threat: bombshell actress, genius inventor, and inspiring pioneer! She spearheaded the technology that would one day come to be WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems.

    So you could thank her for the ability to post those thirst traps to Insta, or get exactly where you're going because you're an idiot with no sense of direction. 

    She's a prime example of hot girl sh*t and smart girl sh*t. Contrary to what society has you believe, remember that the two aren't mutually exclusive. 

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    Anna May Wong

    Hair - Tanesha, RN @ERnurse86 Anna May Wong was the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star (1905-1961) and a trailblazer. She battles intense anti-Asian racism and became a film legend 6:12 PM - Mar 1, 2021 · Twitter for Android

    As the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star - and the first to gain international recognition - Anna May Wong completely changed the game. I mean, this Twitter photo collection is to die for! 

    Even at the peak of her fame, she had to carry papers under the Chinese Exclusion Act to prove she was allowed to be in the US. Nonetheless, she didn't let that stop her from rising to the top and significantly paved the way for Asian-American actresses of the future. 

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    Nancy Wake

    Forehead - The Photo Alchemist - Antique Photo Repair Expert @DSouza_Claudia ... #WomensHistoryMonth 9 - Day2 #NewZealand - #NancyWake, #Ww2 secret agent. After France fell in 1940, she became a courier & later joined the escape network of Captain lan Garrow. By 1943, Wake was the Gestapo's most wanted person with a 5-million-franc price on her head! 5:05 PM - Mar 2, 2021 - Twitter Web App

    As if fighting Nazis wasn't bad-a** enough, imagine being on the Gestapo's most wanted list! Based on the way this British agent cleverly avoided their traps, the Gestapo even nicknamed her "The White Mouse." 

    Catch her if you can, Nazi trash. Spoiler alert: they simply couldn't keep up. Just look at that smirk in the photo. She's hot sh*t, and she knows it. 

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    Mabel Lee

    Nose - Jamie Ford @JamieFord New story collection coming the fall. My story is about Chinese suffragette, Mabel Lee, who marched for the right to vote in 1915. She came to the US when she was 4 and later became the first woman to graduate with a doctorate from Columbia. Suffragen City 1ntroduction by KRISTIN HANNAH WOMEN HAVE NO VOTE AT ALL PAULA MeLAIN CHRISTINA BAKER KLINE CHRIS BOHJALIAN MEGAN CHANCE JAMIE FORD ALYSON RICHMAN USA WINGATE DOLEN PERKINS VALDEZ KATHERINE J CHEN edited by STEVE E

    We've all heard of head suffragette, Susan B. Anthony, but Mabel Lee was also quite the feminist force in her time. She was not only denied the right to vote as a woman but also as someone of Chinese descent under the Chinese Exclusion Act. 

    Regardless, she held her head high and joined the suffragette movement at the young age of 16, riding horseback and leading parades through New York, demanding equality. What was I doing at age 16, you ask? Definitely not that. 


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