Eyeball Watch 2020: Kittens Opening Their Eyes For The First Time (Video)

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Hello to our new favorite sport! A sporting event focused around watching kittens fully open their little eyes -- for the very first time. 

Get ready to view one of the cutest videos ever made!

As written in the description, "Cheesleman's Warehouse proudly presents EYEBALL WATCH 2020: everyone's favorite sport where we watch baby kittens open their eyes for the very first time! 

The Olympics might be postponed, but sports fans don't need to look any further to find a thrilling championship game and a league of competitors to cheer for. 

Which of our players will be the FIRST to fully open their eyes? Will it be Ambitious Alice? Lionhearted Logan? Dashing Darwin? Well-trained Wellington? Noble Nelson? Find out right here on EYEBALL WATCH 2020!"

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