Ten Iconic Oscars Mishaps To Prove This Year's Oscars Was Quite Normal

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    The Time The Wrong 'Frank' Accepted The Award


    The year was 1933.

    The award presenter excitedly said,  "Come on up and get it, Frank." What he failed to realize was that there were two Nominees named Frank. Frank Capra jolted up and headed toward the stage, but the real winner was Frank Lloyd. Can somebody say, "Ouch"?

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    The Time They Put A Living Woman In The 'In Memoriam' Slide Show

    Hair - JANET PATTERSON Costume Designer

    The year was 2017. During the "In Memoriam" segment a picture of Australian costume designer Jan Chapman, who was very much alive, appeared on the screen. Now that can't be good luck.

  • 3

    The Time A Mystery Man Disappeared With An Oscar


    The year was 1938. Alice Brady won her first best-supporting actress Oscar but was unable to attend the event due to a broken ankle.

    A man stepped in to accept the award on her behalf, but after walking away with the trophy, he was never seen again. Alice and this man had no relation whatsoever. Spooky.

  • 4

    The Time Sam Smith Mistakenly Said He was the First Openly Gay Man to Win an Oscar

    The year was 2016. Although there had never been an openly gay man to win Best Actor, past winners Elton John, Dustin Lance Black, Howard Ashman, and Scott Rudin were all openly gay when they accepted their Oscars. This was awkward.

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  • 5

    The Time Sammy Davis Jr. Announced the Wrong Winner

    While presenting the winner for best music score for an adaptation or treatment, Sammy Davis announced John Addison as the winner.

    Seconds later he returned to the microphone to retract his announcement. How does this happen so often?

  • 6

    The Time They Accidentally Gave 'Moonlight's Oscar to 'La La Land'

    Coat - This is not a joke, "Moonlight" has won Best Picture abc

    The year was 2017... again. Presentors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty named La La Land as the year's best picture at the end of the 2017 broadcast only to be corrected a few minutes later. How does this happen so often?

  • 7

    The Time John Travolta Decided To Tweak Idina Menzel's Name A Bit

    Forehead - Please welcome, the wickedly talented, one and only, Adela Dazeem.

    The year was 2014. John Travolta meant to present Idina Menzel ahead of her performance of Frozen's "Let It Go." But instead, he introduces the lessor known, 'Adela Dezeem.'

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    The Time Laurence Olivier Forgot to Announce the Nominees

    Gesture - "Amadeus!"

    The year was 1985. Laurence Oliver took to the stage to present the best picture award. Instead of naming each nominee, he simply roared, "Amadeus!" Straight to the point, I like it.

  • 9

    The Time There Was A Streaker On Stage

    The year was 1974. Host David Niven gets a surprise while introducing Elizabeth Taylor, suddenly photographer Robert Opel streaked across the stage waving a two-fingered peace sign.

    In efforts to gather the crowd back together, Niven said, "Isn't it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?"

  • 10

    The Time Jennifer Lawrence Fell Going UP The Stairs


    The year was 2013. Oh, J-Law.


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