Reddit Reveals 16 Myths That Are Frequently Repeated But Just Aren't True

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    Loch this myth up in jail.

    Text the guy who took the loch-ness photo admitted like 20 years ago that it was people to their faces and people still believe in it apparently fake, they used an old toy. He told permalink embed


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    What's black and white and red all over? Not dogs with red fur.

    Dogs see in black and white. permalink embed


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    Bust my hump for myths like this.

    Text Camels don't carry water in their humps. Their humps are made of fat which is primarily for use in the desert as an emergency food store if they can't find any and collected in one spot so that it minimizes the insulating effect a layer of fat would normally have. Instead, they have adapted to lose much less water on a daily basis as well as having a number of adaptations that allow them to withstand the effects of dehydration. Examples of thi
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    Exploding this myth.

    Text That standing too close to / looking in the window of a microwave will radiate your brain and or give you cancer. Really no one mentioned this!? Am I the only person who run s into these people constantly??


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    I think Copernicus busted this myth.

    Text My yoga instructor recently informed the class we would be working on grounding techniques because the earth started spinning faster than it used to which is causing a lot of stress for everyone.
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    This one's, literally, for the birds.

    Text Throwing rice at a wedding kills birds.. I heard this one last month. Rice farmers dearly wish that eating rice would kill birds.
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    Haven't you ever heard of a lightning rod?

    Text The myth that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot In fact, it does. permalink embed
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    This myth stuck around

    Text It takes seven years to digest swallowed chewing gum permalink embed
  • 9

    This one stings.

    Text Scientists can't explain why bumblebees are able to fly That's a myth. In the 1930's, two French scientists wrote that the fixed-wing lift equations don't seem to work for bees. All that means is that bee flight isn't fixed wing, but there are other ways for things to fly In 1996 scientists determined that insect wings flap so quickly that they generate vortices, which in turn provide enough lift to keep them airborne. So this myth came about becau
  • 10

    Scratching that itch

    Text That a poison ivy rash, post cleaning, can continue to be spread via scratching C If you get poison ivy, as long as the skin has been cleaned of all oils from the plant, it cannot be spread again by Scratching it. I literally had to rub my poison ivy covered arm on my face to prove this to my roommate. It's the oils in the plant that spread it. The reason people think it can continue to spread is that it can take a week for everything to appear.
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    I've based my life on a lie.

    Text logical and right-brained people are more creative Left-brained people are more permalink embed
  • 12

    Seems ironic, but Walt didn't make Frozen nor is he frozen.

    Text Walt Disney's body was frozen permalink embed
  • 13

    Sorry, bats, there can only be one blind superhero, and it's Daredevil

    Text Bats are blind permalink embed
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    Text Nope. Scientists thought they did for a bit, because they put blindfolds on them and they were still navigating fine, so they figured that sight wasn't being used. In reality, sight is used, just in tandem with echolocation, and bats can get by without sight. Their eyes work just fine, and they respond to visual stimulus, they're just not reliant on only their eyes. Scientists figured that out relatively quickly, but the myth had already spread.
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    What's the point of even going to space???

    Text That you can see the Great Wall of china from space. It's not that tall or wide, and it's grey so it doesn't stand out. If you could view the Great Wall from space, you'd be able to see highways as well permalink embed
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    Thank GOD this is a myth.

    Text That cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis permalink embed
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    If only...

    Text Waking sleepwalkers harms them permalink embed


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