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Farmer Gets Greeted By Happy Lanky Prancing Baby Camel Every Time She Comes Home


When farmers are on the higher end of the tax bracket, they start getting animals that are more just to have than as a working one. For instance, Tennessee farmer Crystal, who goes by @crazyzebraandanimallady on TikTok. She has a beautiful farm in Tennessee that she often posts about on her TikToker. She has dogs, horses, and, as you can see in her username, she even has a zebra. But it's the baby Camel named Cami that is making her go viral.


This tiny lanky lady lives outdoors in her own enclosure like the other farm animals, but she is still still so young, so she occasionally likes to find her way into the mansion of a farmhouse. While there she is a totally mamas girl. 



BFFs with her husky sibling, Cami gets just as excited to see her human as her doggy brother. With her long lanky legs and awkward movements, she trots to her human mom coming through the door hoping and prancing like the happiest little baby. How she doesn't knock over one of those expensive pieces or art on the wall or mantel is a mystery, because she is happily flailing around with pure excitement to see her mom. 


Cami the Baby Camel


She also gets excited to see her mama outside, not just when she gets time indoors. It would appear no matter where she is, when she sees her human mama she gets filled with excitement and can't help but adorable thrash her lanky legs around in happiness. 


“Baby is growing so fast”


Once Cami is full grown, she most likely will no longer be able to go inside the house to greet her human. But I'm sure she will express just as much love. Crystal the farmer is starting to attempt training her baby camel, but it is all new to her, so she reaches out to other TikTokers to give her some pointers. Currently, she is working on getting Cami to walk on a lead—so maybe soon we'll see this magnificent creature waltzing around like the royal she is. 


Lead Attempt 1

Lead Attempt 2


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