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The Goodest Good Boy: Viral TikTok Trend Has the Internet Absolutely Weeping Over The Happiest Dogs In Heaven



All dogs go to Heaven, it's just a fact.


We all saw the Disney cartoon growing up that gave us all hope that the family Fido was a shoe-in for divine rapture, but recently, there has been a TikTok trend that has had us getting all misty-eyed and emotional at the thought of it.


Your dog spotting you in Heaven


Nobody wants to think about their pet dying, but it’s a nearly inevitable fact that we will outlive our animals. But what do they do in the meantime, while they wait for us to come up and meet them in paradise?


Well being the good boys that they are, they wait patiently until they smell us at the door, then they come sprinting at full speed with their butts tucked tightly under their back legs (for agility obviously) and then they come charging into our loving arms once again. Maybe even for some people they’ll have a bunch of doggos waiting at the pearly gates for them, excitedly wagging their tails as they imagine licking the face of their beloved owner.


“I have someone waiting for you” -God


Whether you believe this because you saw the cartoon Disney movie that was explicitly detailed about dogs going to heaven OR you simply cannot imagine any other alternative, we can all agree that it’s just straight facts. Your good boy or good girl definitely has a spot saved for them up in the clouds.


POV: Your dog is searching for you in the afterlife and finally sees you


This makes me want to go squeeze my dog even though he nearly pulled me over on our walk today. Sure, they may not be the most well-behaved dogs while they’re here on Earth, but they will always be there waiting for us when we reach them in Heaven. That's why this is actually just a PSA to go love and pet your dogs now while you still have them in your life. While they might not always be in your life, you will always be the biggest part of their life.


Full speed ahead



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