Deceivingly Inappropriate Designs Which Might Require A Second Look

  • 1

    Is that... a baby?


    Okay, babies are simply not that veiny. Why is it the veiniest thing in this photo? Even the guy's arms don't look that veiny! How many times can I say veiny before we all get the point?

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    Not to get religion involved... but I mean...


    The churches near me have some cool stained glass, but I've never looked at one for this long trying to figure it out. In this case, I think our brains are just a little messed up. 99% sure that that's supposed to be his inner thigh.

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    Very functional

    Product - 312
  • 4

    Just some festive lights

    Plant - 小
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  • 5

    I mean... come on!

    Sleeve - hoes hoes Road
  • 6

    There's a reason that's not a real emoji...

    Product - IF YOU ARE COUGHING KINDLY TAKE A MASK AND PUT ON That emoji is not coughing
  • 7

    They really just didn't think this one through

    Automotive tail & brake light - GET ASS elles Ford
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  • 8

    Just some metal tubes... nothing to see here

    Pipeline transport
  • 9

    Christmas is my favorite time of year

    Brown - Alpenmilch Alpine Milk Lait Milka
  • 10

    A nice innocent children's toy

    Joint - GOBOTS
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  • 11

    Good for Mike

    Vehicle - Mil Mike Is De Hard Fe Pe 0794 Tr mike@mi „LYO
  • 12

    Too much eye contact

    White - They couldn't find a better place to blow up this balloon?
  • 13

    Okay Elmo, we see you

    Cartoon - Elmo SESAME STREET Toddler BookS Experiments Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets PRINTED ON SUPER-STURDY PAGES

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