Craziest 'Psycho Roommate' Stories We've Ever Heard

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    Font - Posted by u/jvolk 10 years ago Reddit: What are your best crazy roommate stories? I'll start: Freshman year of college, I had a roommate who had the WORST body odor problem I've ever encountered. He stank up the room so badly, you could smell it from the hallway with the door closed. I asked the RA to talk to him (after I did and failed) but he wouldn't because he thought it would come off as racist (dude was Pakistani). Needless to say, nobody would go to my room (and he never left) and

    We're starting with a super insane roomie right off the bat! Dude didn't tell his roomie he had TB for an entire semester. The fact that this guy didn't just crash by his friends every night astounds me. Plus, the RA totally sucks - it's his job to deal with whatever resident problem comes his way, including dank body odor. 

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    Font - baileyquarters · 10y I posted this a few days ago but I'm going to post it again because it's one of the most crazy things that's ever happened to me. I was in my early 20s and I lived with a nice enough girl. She always kept her bedroom door closed and kept her cat in there. After we had lived together for about a year she decided to move out. She packed up a bag and left, saying she'd be back later for her things. But she didn't come back and I needed to make room for a new roommate, so

    What a nightmare! This girl should be featured in the 'psycho roommate' hall of fame. Just when you think it's the worst it can possibly get, the story becomes even more horrifying. I hope the OP vetted every single prospective roomie that came her way after this horror story. 

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    Font - vespucci · 10y I had a roommate who would sleep all the time. I mean every time I would walk into the room, he would be napping. If i ever woke him up in the middle of his nap or anything, he would sit up and introduce himself as Bob (not his real name) and then resume sleeping. The first time this happened I was just he was joking around or something, but when i questioned him about it later, he couldn't remember anything that happened. So the next time he was asleep, I tried it again, a
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    Facial expression - [deleted] · 10y I woke up one night to the sound of my roommate outside smashing the VCR he'd thrown out of his window with a sledgehammer while his girlfriend looked on in horror. It turns out "Angela's Ashes" had gotten jammed in the machine and he wasn't having it.
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    Human body - WarEagle09 · 1Oy I had a roommate freshman year who would dress up in a lobster costume (complete with claws) and hula dance around the room... no explanation. She was majoring in engineering, and would just stop studying suddenly and put on the lobster costume and start dancing.
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    Font - [deleted] · 10y My freshman year of college I had an extremely messy roommate. He refused to wash any article of clothing until he went home at the end of the semester, had interesting taste in some pretty odd hentai and was generally unkempt, but the strangest thing had to be his hoarding of tobacco spit. He and I were both smokers and, at the time, avid WoW players. Rather than take smoke breaks with me every few hours he would dip skoal during play sessions and spit into empty Gatorade
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    Gesture - [deleted] · 10y Two of my roommates once tried to tie their dicks together in a knot. They did this out in the open. There may be video somewhere.
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    Font - Brysamo · 10y My old housemates were interesting to say the least. One time they decided to fill an entire glass with bacardi 151 and light it on fire. In the middle of the living room. They all sat there watching it and then they started wondering if it would get hot enough for the glass the break. Well, sure enough, right after they say it aloud, the glass shatters, and flaming bacardi goes everywhere. Lessons learned: • Mark is a fucking idiot • Dell's are indestructible Jeans, not so
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    Font - crackhappy · 10y I lived in a house with 6 other guys and my soon to be wife. Our cat managed to get out into the neighborhood and got pregnant. Few weeks later, she gives birth. All is normal (other than her giving birth to 9 freaking kittens!), we're helping her clean up the kittens, etc. when my crazy roommate (who owns the house), says "That looks YUMMY!", picks up one of the newly birthed kitten's umbilical cords and EATS IT. That was a normal day in what came to be known as the Thom
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    Font - xeno56 · 10y Freshman year I lived with an aspiring rapper that would sample gun shot noises for hours to find the perfect one. Sophomore year I had a roommate fresh off the boat from India. He didn't know what soap was, screamed about killing people in his sleep, masturbated in plain sight while I was in the room, watched live streams of cricket at 4am while shouting at the laptop and smacking starbursts sloppily, would yell into his microphone on voip calls while masturbating, he caused
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    Font - tucktuckgoose · 10y · edited 10y Ugh. My first college roommate was a couple of years older than me, and she was both a relapsed alcoholic and a severe Type I diabetic. It is very dangerous for people with diabetes to drink to excess, and her habit of getting drunk at frat parties (or at home alone) had already put her in a coma multiple times before we lived together. I took her to the hospital, called her brother, and called 911 about her at least a dozen times in the year we lived toge
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    Font - cowboy · 10y Freshman year of college 4 guys to a dorm room. One of my roommates is a huge (~6'6" 300lbs) black gang banger. He walks in one evening around 2am completely stoned. Decides hes hungry walks into the dorm room next door takes a girl out of her bunk, carries her into our room. Ties her up with a lamp chord, and gags her with a sock. Then he proceeds to call the remaining (hysterical) girls from the room next door and tells them that he will let her go when they deliver ice cre
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    Font - oxygenforlosers · 10y My freshman year of college, I had a roommate who was a very sweet girl, but slightly crazy. She was also slightly under five feet and--well, not to be rude, but I think "chubby" is the right word. I woke up one morning at way-the-fuck-too-early o' clock--and let's bear in mind that I was pretty used to her in various states of undress--and walk out of my bedroom, only to find her standing in our communal kitchen wearing only a very, very small shirt. No pants, no pa
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    Rectangle - 18tilidie · 10y This is going to get buried but first year university I had this crazy catholic roommate who would repeatedly tell me and my other roommate that we were going to hell because we were sinners and we didn't confess. She would go on and on about how it was a terrible sin to do anything with a guy below the neck. Second semester she got pregnant and dropped out.
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    Font - [deleted] · 10y When I was still living in the dorms I had a gay roommate. He was rarely there and when he was he was always conscientious and clean. Pretty good living situation. One day, I'm coming home from class, I open the door and he's lying in bed watching TV and jerking off. He rolls over to cover himself and I quickly avert my eyes and see that he's watching a documentary on Michael Jackson. He was jerking off. To a documentary. On Michael Jackson. That threw me for a loop.


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