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Tumblr Posts: How Shark And Dolphin Stereotypes Are So Wrong

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    Font - O pizzaback-deactivated20201011 I hate how the stereotype is that dolphins are good and sharks are evil, when dolphins are so smart that they have the capacity for evil but sharks are simple fish who can only be true neutral, so even if a minority of dolphins are evil there are still more evil dolphins than sharks rageclit quality marine philosophy discourse

    This is the kind of philosophy discourse that we're into. Yes, tumblr! Get sharks the respect that they deserve! We gotta do all animals right and give them all the love and respect that they deserve, yes, but if helping improve sharks' reputation means making fun of dolphins a little... we ain't too mad. 

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    Rectangle - queenofosm Follow I recently learned that dolphins have been known to bully porpoises, and I think they've gotten off easy because of the natural curvature of their mouths. Just because a mammal smiles doesn't mean it won't abuse the shit out of you. Just look at married couples vs shark attacks.

    I mean, they are kind of right. Just look at how awwdorable dolphins are in real life. Look at their little faces with their cute smiles and their itty bitty sounds of joy. Oh my god, we're whipped for them aren't we? The stereotypes have gotten to us *faints*.

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    Font - mierac Follow dolphins are little shits, really. sharks are just hungry all the time, you'd bite everything too if you were that hungry, it's not their fault you went into their living room looking like a seal But let's be real, orcas are the real evil in the осeans. ekjohnston Follow When the orcas decide we're food, it's all over.
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    Font - rangerslayer-97 Follow It's not surprising dolphins can be assholes too. I mean... what other marine animal uses another smaller animal to play with as a karking football!? Let alone the most dangerous and poisonous fish cause it gives them a high. Dolphins boop around pufferfish like a football!!!
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    Jaw - DOLPHINS BE LIKE: "PUFFY FISH! BOOP!" imgflip.com
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    Font - quasi-normalcy Follow Does something need to be smart to have the capacity for evil? Surely evil is banal first and foremost.
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    Font - gaysubplot Follow I think it's more like it needs to be a conscious choice. A shark attacking something on instinct is not evil because it's not even deciding to do that on some levels. A dolphin (who is full) attacking but not killing a big fish just to watch it squirm around is evil because there is actual motive and decision making behind it, even if the result is the same. Though l'm not sure sharks are that dumb. I thought great whites were fairly intelligent O but l'm not an expert
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    Font - alexanderrm Follow On the one hand "nonhuman animals can only be true neutral" is BS because like an evil human is someone who does whatever they want regardless of who it hurts (Chaotic Evil is anyway) which is also exactly how sharks and lions and so forth act. It's maybe true of course that most animals can't understand that their prey is suffering but that really displays a failure to understand how much of human evil is driven really by people just not thinking about things or refusi
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    Font - I was going to say "the reason we see dolphins as good is really just that they don't attack humans and we don't care what they do to other animals" but then dolphins do occasionally kill or attack humans while sharks do it a lot less often than we think they do, so... a lot of it is just Big Teeth Scary. Although dolphins are probably a lot less likely to attack humans by nature and we only see cases because humans see them as totally harmless and friendly whereas we avoid sharks.
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    Facial expression - smiley-asylum Follow Dolphins are mammals. They are technically smarter than humans and have human like tendencies. They are evil and I distrust them completely.
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    Font - versodile Follow Sharks being himbos is a damaging antishark stereotype, they didn't spend 400 million years perfecting themselves to be relegated to being simple fish. As some of the most successful apex predators in history, they're lawful good or lawful evil depending on where you sit on their food chain.

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