I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Snaps Of Wholesomeness And Hilarity

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    Stairs - We adopted just the head of a kitten

    And yet, even though there is only a cat head there, it is very much a head that we would love to place a little kiss upon. Ugh, we do not even know how you resisted long enough to be able to take this picture, we would have already been 'aww'ing our heads off. Thank you for this, it's a blessing.

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    Face - 1986 Me & Cat 32 years ago Vs. My Son & Cat today!

    And people say that cats can't actually be friends with babies. Cats are incredibly loyal, anyone who's ever had one will say that to you with absolute conviction, and they love babies. Babies smell like milk, that's A, and babies can be trained as tools to use for world domination, that's B. Simple cat logic. 

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    Hand - This kitten from Sonoma was born with 24 toes
  • 4
    Dog - I was visiting my parents a little while ago and found my favorite photo of my childhood pets
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  • 5
    Dog - Apparently my dog's farts smell rancid...
  • 6
    Cat - His feet are too big
  • 7
    Cat - My sister just got a new kitten & sent me this...
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  • 8
    Plant - Googled my house, found my cat looking for attention
  • 9
    Cat - Found this on my way home
  • 10
    Hand - He sits in his little cocoon and holds my hand while I work...
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  • 11
    Head - My cat loves being petted
  • 12
    Plant - I shall sing you the song of my people
  • 13
    Sky - #nofilter

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