These Test Answers Are Completely Wrong But Genius at the Same Time

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    Text - What number is 6 more than 2 2? 4 0 Explain how you found your answer. Istarted outhe think inathen the anewer came to me Cite Internet Test Prep Visit for more Test Prep Practice
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    Text - 8 7 4. How many days are in a week? 5. How mamy months are in a yecr? 2 6. Is this number even or odd? 68 Ven Because Tim Smar+.Becouse the number in 7. How do you know? X the one's place is euan
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    Text - Write an example of a risk This
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    Text - 1. Write < or > 2. a. О.5 1.0 or b. 3.2 3.02 e c. 4.83 4.8 d. 6.25 6.4 or 0.07 e. 0.7
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    Text - 11 Determine the volume of each of the two cones. Show all work to receive full credit. 1 hae no (lue but You WN+E What is the ratio of their volumes?a he 12 under puv 21 t Could ake a bunny, d2
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    Text - Write the correct word The man can h (rub, run, rug) The man the dog. L4o4 shoud not (fit, hit) The fox ran. (fog, fox, for) lid see the
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    Text - . To change centimeters to meters you ? Fo tak e outcent! 2. Write a fraction that is equivalent
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    Text - Give a brief explanation of the meaning of the term 'hard water' Ice
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    Text - Erankio Name: I earn money at home by freelandar LOh a
  • 10
    Text - 24. When should a motorist use his or her bright beams? when he wonts to be an agole
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  • 11
    Text - PETER 1.2 Expomal Carbn Vfer Ca b
  • 12
    Text - Fredie Mecery 11. Name one popular queen. WIN
  • 13
    Text - He walked and returned the money. miles to the woman's house Imagine that you lived at the same time as Abraham Lincoln. What would you say to him or ask him? Tstell him notto go toaplay erer,
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    Text - Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed? At the bito
  • 15
    Text - 7. What do you think is the best solution to overpopulation? Support your argument with examples. The Hunger Games
  • 16
    Text - $2s.cic. NO MORE HURT ME, DONT HIRTME 5.What is love? 6. How do we love God? 7.How do we love our neighbor?
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  • 17
    Text - 5. A coin is flipped and then a die is rolled, what is the probability of rolling an odd and then flipping a tails. beause youflpped the coin first
  • 18
    Text - Use the graph to explain why wearing a seatbelf car when they are involved in a collision (3) ALEX NO Mrr Est of re thest hts head hits dubboard 0.04 0.06 .06 412 64 Time
  • 19
    Text - Quadrilaterals; Perimeter hape Name. Name the quadrilateral. rectangle rhombus parallelogram square 2. 1 3. BoB Sam 5. hary Cate Tedison
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    Text - My 5th grader's spelling test Civiluzat 10n civilization monafkty monarchy domon intS dominance ACoris Pond corcespond Hterate emphisise emphasize xoppo2ition opposition loreen chlorine CoMation Commotion Madisona medicinal e tafiseasital irresponsible Sucsetion succession 24 29
  • 21
    Text - Use video honzon readmgs etta iao HOMEWORK You are to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870 and write a letter home describing your experiences Your letter should inclode the following: your contributions and experiences in the West. 不墨不用,同天只為大線十個人受重傷 然金单文不是很認識 但是也能略略 n白那些6人所說的說, 4 h , 很判你們,為望物們級剔 時良面。
  • 22
    Text - (c) Tracey says (/2+18) is an irrational nu (2+8 -18 I think that if you square an number you always get a ratio Tracey is wrong. Use an example to show that Tracey is wrong. She's a Woman
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  • 23
    Line - Find x. 5 3 Here it is LO X
  • 24
    Text - b. igneous rock C. sedimentary rock rock Extra credit: What is the strongest force on earth?
  • 25
    Text - 8 The first cells were probably...? lonely 9 What is chemosynthesis? (Bonus:
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    Giraffe - 10. The diagram below best illustrates a. Lamarck's theory of evolution. b. Darwin's theory of evolution. c. Malthus's principles. d. Lyell's theory about past changes. e.Giraffes are heartless creatufes.
  • 27
    Text - 34* Bonus Describe a process that could be used to create a simple door. whad?
  • 28
    Line art - 5.21S bZ5xe55 C-145xrs 3 a 5.4 a. 15 b. 22 .18 The waleus has lost it's home due to labal Warning, nd has chosen to resid inMy maths book I apologise incontienience ter caused hi beha y on
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    Text - b. Electronegativity The nesative dharge of Cun c. Pauli Exclusion Princip aucd No paiors d. Moiur mass Am atom or compounds mol
  • 30
    Text - CHECKING IN (Answer on your own and hand in to your instructor) The water of the earth's oceans stores lots of heat. An engineer designed an ocean line that would extract heat from the ocean's waters at Th- 10°C (283 K) and reiect heat se the atmosphere at Ti 20°C (293 K). He thought he had a good idea, but his boss fired him. Explain. Sathun ch deau! slept his best usfe Becaust he
  • 31
    Text - why are there rings on Saturn? Because God iked it, so ne it turn was NOT Si out a rin
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    Text - 14. What are three things you want to do in the future? - जिना [बा 15. 2. sihd 3. Chle ThewOrld 15 mmm
  • 33
    Text - What is one great advantage that sexual reproduction has over asexual roduction? It fecls gead
  • 34
    Draw a picture of what you will look like in 100 years. In 100 years I will be. years old! Warren (vp
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    Text - 2. A 3-kg object is released from rest at a height of 5m on a curved frictionless ramp. At the foot of the ramp is a spring of force constant k 100 N/m. The object slides down the ramp and into the spring, compressing it a distance x before coming to rest. 10 (a) Find x (b) Does the object continue to move after it comes to rest? If yes , how high will it go up the slope before it comes to rest? k00 N/m 5m -3(0.7)(5)- 215 ...? no, thure is n ckphd inth ay.
  • 36
    Text - Draw a plant cell and identify its most important parts. on b ars NO Windows
  • 37
    Text - Cause: Tony practices the piano 20 minutes every day. he is Effect: hard What caused it pened to you today.
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    Text - Pre Test-Answer these questions as accurately as possible. 1 In which battle did Napoleon Die? His last one 2. Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed? on the bottorm of the page 3. River Ravi, flows is which state? LAvid state At for Crotivity 4. What is the main reason for Divorce? MARRIAGE 5. What is the main reason for Exams? FAILURE 6. What can you never eat for Breakt Lunch Diner 7. What looks like half an apple? The other HALF 8. If you threw a red stone into the Blue Sea,


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