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The Funniest 24 Animal Memes We Found Today

  • 1
    Vertebrate - Today I learned that aggressive goats have to wear horn noodles to avoid hurting each other

    For half a second there, we were about to get mad looking at these adorable little goats with these things on their heads, but oh my god, after reading the caption, we have the biggest smiles on our faces. This might just be one of the most hilariously adorable things we have ever seen. 

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  • 2
    Hand - She's using 100% of her brain

    Oh my goodness. This is genius, and yes, we will be purchasing some animal dolls to do this exact thing, and you have no right to judge us. Because this is genius, and because our drawing of tyrannosaurus rex will be that much cooler than yours *sticks tongue out at you*.

  • 3
    Vertebrate - I just washed you, please don't get dirt... Sti
  • 4
    Dog - *turns on vacuum* The dog I got to protect my house: @thebestpuppermemes
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  • 5
    Dog - Bae: Come over Me:I can't I'm a pug Bae: My master isn't home Me:
  • 6
    Wood - Me, waking up after a night out after specifically saying "Just one drink, I have an early morning tomorrow"
  • 7
    Organism - it's too hot for bras, lotion, makeup, hair down, boobs, .
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  • 8
    Handwriting - Me at 2:33am Now am gonna serious about career Me at 2:36 am for no reason RI.P José Mosquitão
  • 9
    Cat - My friend got his cat a tank CAUTION HOWS M RNN
  • 10
    Photograph - When you see your crush in public and try to act like a normal human being
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  • 11
    Gesture - Me: bro stop, I don't wanna pLAY My dog:
  • 12
    Bird - When you've coughed twice during an exam and you're scared to do it a third time
  • 13
    Photograph - boys after every shave :
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  • 14
    Koala - McSpaff @McSpaffin How Koalas are weighed. You are welcome. OND UNIT
  • 15
    Dog - Guess you could say R2 got the D too
  • 16
    Dog - What religion is this?
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  • 17
    Dog - The introvert at the house party The house owner's pet
  • 18
    Terrestrial plant - sir-thursday Sir that is too big a bite x-file Don't tell him what to do sir-thursday He is causing a scene
  • 19
    Product - Big fan of this picture of a veterinarian showing a cat how fat he is. D.T
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  • 20
    Bengal tiger - when you're way overqualified for the job: 02 FREE KITTEN
  • 21
    Dog - when the NPC you really had fun playing with goes back to their generic dialogue after a quest
  • 22
    Water - Professions and their Spirit Animals iStock eck ock stock Istock lumberjack fisherman librarian
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  • 23
  • 24
    Product - me when the boss is talking to me me when the boss walks away

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