Text Messages From Men That Deserve To Be Roasted Like A Marshmallow

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    This guy who thought he was really sly

    Font - TODAY CORBIN Hey so my sister has been uncomfortable with the size of her breasts recently, and Ik this is really weird (I told her that too Imao) but she was wondering if you could send her a picture of them maybe just cuz she thinks you have nice breasts and wants to compare. Again Ik this is weird but she knew I had you added on snap. You can send them whenever l'm just gonna give her the phone now and she will give it back to me after you send them to her. She really appreciates it an

    This guy gets 10 points for creativity. Like, he really put in the extra effort to sound not sketchy at all. Unfortunately, it did not pan out in his favor. Please protect your sisters from the Corbins of the world.

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    This guy who is direct af, but also less than smart

    Gesture - O SAS SO | 26% 12:38 AM Active 2 minu... SAT AT 6:44 PM Big boobse SAT AT 6:55 PM I guess SAT AT 7:35 PM Nice How big WD40 Mmm that is big SAT AT 10:04 PM Aa

    This is amazing. We don't know where to begin with this. It's the fact that he didn't realize what WD40 was for us. It's the fact that he thought it was okay to just message a girl out of nowhere, 'Big Boobs.' Seriously, just wow.

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    This guy who has a niche taste

    Product - * 0 F1 46% 3:50 Sun, Sep 24, 9:54 AM B-but you don't like anime... Nope. Never have. Too bad. Anime is the only thing that turns me on. Then maybe you should be watching hentai. >implying I'm not 3D girls are too vapid GIF Type a message...
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    This guy who thinks he has women all figured out

    Font - How to know you are friend zoned: Talking about how great her man is at 6am. Like Comment Share 7 people like this. Yeah, my awesome boyfriend dropped his life to take care of me while I'm in the hospital, and you messaged me to say you're horny. Sorry not sorry. 32 minutes ago Like It 1 Reply LO0000000000000000000
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    This guy who knows all

    Font - im a morning person but dont eat breakfest, thats kinda of a over indulging i just drink tea and do my morning work out and eat lunch and dine and im done for the day and sorry if i use words you dont understand. dont be scared to google it
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    This guy who really has the audacity

    Font - You can Say no I m fine with rejection lol 10:43 PM I thỉnk you're cool, but I'm looking for more of a dating situation, and I don't see us going in that direction. I'm 1o346 PM Sorry, but good luck to you! Hey Alright cool with me Can I send 1 random dick pic to show you what's there before we never talk again 10:46 PM Lol Curious what you thỉnk for a white guye 10:47 PM I'd rather you not, thanks. 10:47 PM Enter message SEND
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    This guy who needs a hug

    Font - 98% 11:41 AM <Sex club DDD Today 12:05AM Неy sexy 12:27AM Hi 12:30AM Your sexy. 01:28AM What about my sexy? 09:46AM It left. Went home. Ever since u decided to be a lil bitch. I know the difference between your and y'our. This is fucking Grindr not spelling bee central. DB DBDB DDB
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    This guy who has his priorities straight

    Font - Text Message Today 11:05 AM Hi Natalie, this is Adam from the Ikea delivery yesterday. I apologise for the unprofessional nature of this txt but would there be any chance you might like to go see a movie with me? I am headed to church until about one o'clock so my phone will be off until then. Text Message
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    This guy who needs a lesson on flirtation techniques

    Font - Jan 22, 2017, 12:06 AM If you could be any type of appliance what would you. E You be Jan 22, 2017, 12:40 AM a toaster you? Why? bc there's a meme of danny phantom where someone's like "you're toast" and he goes "oh yeah you and what toaster" Sent Lol l'd be a washing machine so it would be my job to make your panties wet GIF Туре a Message... Send
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    This guy who should probably just date Elon musk

    Font - Elon Musk is nothing short of a genius, and deserves each penny he has made. They are should feel lucky to even be beside him. I don't like these woke "celebrities'. Elon Musk is the man, and they are probably just jealous of him.
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    This guy who wants to engage in a throuple

    Product - ll EE WiFICall ? 21:17 O * 36% love birds Today at 18:36 Hay love birds. named the group love birds What added You two K Talk like you would between you This is weird Write a message...
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    This guy who loves to gaslight

    Product - HD INVITE 4:46 PM You got a good girl man.. But you should know that whenever you slip up Whenever you fail to put her first... Someone more intellegent and cunning will be there. Don't ever step off your a game
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    This guy who just wants to spread the love

    Product - I wish you liked me back Yesterday 10:15 PM Your gf does. Yesterday 10:25 PM / Don't bring her up I'm talking about us Yesterday 10:26 PM Why don't you like me?
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    This guy who has high hopes

    Font - Active now I'm back in town, single yet!?!? Lol e Definitely not I'm sure the answer is still no. Just thought I'd check anyway. Gotcha. Well I hope all is great. 5:42 PM Lol she said we couldn't date anymore cause it was too big and hurt her 0 that's why Shit Ignore ignore ignoooooore I'm so sorry.
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    This guy who is trying to break up a relationship

    Font - 0000 VZW Wi-Fi ? 10:15 PM 42% (i Did you and your boy break up? No lol why? Ol saw him in jerzees Saturday night without you so I figured He was with a group of guys and girls lol I don't think you did, he was in ATL picking up his parents Saturday night Ummm haha he lied to you cause it was definitely him No it wasn't He snapped me with his parents lol Ok but I was completely sober and I know what I saw and I swear on everything I coulda swore it was him iMessage


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