Gender Double Standards That People Can Barely Believe Still Hold In 2021

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    Font - Posted by u/Tekstar12348 11 months ago What gender double standard really annoys you ? 11.1k Comments •91% Upvoted

    It was Reddit user u/Tekstar12348 who asked people to share the double standards that really annoy them personally. Clearly a lot of people are frustrated with these discrepancies since there are over 11k comments. Yep, these are definitely not dead.

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    Font - Goblin_Kat · 11m Going into a store that is considered “male" (PC store, video game store, car shops, etc). and the sales person only talking to my male partner despite me being the person looking for a product and being the buyer.

    This is so classic. It's the same situation at hardware stores, used-car dealerships, even restaurants. If you're in a store with a man, you're already an owned object so nobody will look you in the eyes and talk to you directly. How is this still a thing?

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    Rectangle - im-so-funny-im-not · 11m How my daughter can do gymnastics and she's called athletic, but as soon as her twin brother does gymnastics, he's just weird 12.4k Share
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    Font - MachokeOnThis · 11m When I was a teenager, I was not allowed out of the house to walk to the local shopping center to hang with my friends (all male). My mom told me it was because I'm a girl and I'm way more likely to be attacked on my way and if I was a boy it'd be different.
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    Font - heavydirtysteve · 11m 3 As a guy, I feel like if I am around kids, or smile because I see a youngster having fun in the park or something I'm labelled as a potential threat, but really I just love to see kids being kids and I'm thinking back on the days when I was that age.
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    Font - cistacea · 11m I am a female teacher. I only know one man who is a kindergarten teacher, and people constantly make comments to him about how "women must love it that he is so good with kids" and he will be a great dad. As if he is only in the job to impress women? Nobody says this shit to me.
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    Font - dreamqueen9103 · 11m "My toddler son is a little heart breaker! But my toddler daughter will never date and I'll threaten any boy that wants to take her on a date!" 13.3k Share
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    Font - horilen · 11m I can dress in typical men's clothes all day every day, never wear makeup, cut my hair short and never get my gender or sexual orientation questioned but my husband gets comments to his gender identity and orientation for wearing a pink shirt to his suit? Fuck right off with that.
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    Font - king063 · 11m Threatening your daughter's boyfriend. This is a double standard, but it's also just a Hollywood trope that some dads think they're supposed to do and it's incredibly creepy.
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    Font - RandomNiceGuy - 11m Pockets in clothing. My three year old son has more functional pockets in his pants than my wife does in hers.
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    Font - Cinnamun-Roll · 11m Maybe this is more prevalent among people of my culture (Mexicans) but I remember when I was little we were done eating dinner at my aunt's house and all the women and girls got to cleaning while the men sat in living room watching TV. When I asked my mom about it she and my aunt just laughed, giving me an 'Oh you dumb little girl' look. Pisses me off to think about it to this day.
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    Font - Voyeurism_Bot · 11m Guy here. One double-standard that I've benefitted from but I still find very saddening: guys being praised as being "great with kids"... for doing the bare minimum.
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    Font - Snappysnapsnapper · 11m The expectation and pressure to wear makeup in a professional setting. 4.8k Share
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    Font - ShinyNinja25 · 11m It's not a major one, but that the guy is expected to ask out the girl, and always make the first move. It's fine for a girl to ask out a guy or make the first move

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