Trump Assures Nation That He’s “Calling the Shots” on Wildly Unpopular Policy Decisions

Two weeks into his presidency America’s first reality-TV gameshow host president has some pretty low approval ratings, but at least he’s owning them.

Many presumed that the real puppet master is Trump’s chief strategist and white supremacist Steve Bannon, leading to the President Bannon jokes all over the internet. But the big man was quick to take ownership of the chaos his presidency has caused, blasting out this reassuring and not concerning tweet:

So as will be the game from now until the rest of our goddamn lives, every time Trump says anything, the world will make fun of him. This time is no exception because Twitter is calling the shots on this one.

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    The data is so big and you've got to use it.

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

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    That's just semantics.

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    That's a good boy.

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    Ride the piggy.

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    Got to have your thinkin' jug playin'

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    Pussy grabs back.

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    This truck for president.

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    Well, I feel better about this.

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