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Clingy Cats Being Overly Affectionate To Their Humans (Tumblr Posts)

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    Rectangle - nightmaresorpromises Follow My cat literally just woke me up by sniffing my face to see if I was up and then she climbed onto my shoulder to stare at me all cute like hello human <3

    You know what, this is one of those things... when we read about it or when we see a picture of it, we think "oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing in the whole world". But... if this were to happen to us every morning, we would have already gone insane by now. 

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    Rectangle - ponceflower-blog Follow I have a video of my Torti, Little Miss doing exactly this. Padding after me and screaming in concern because l'm headed to the bathroom instead of continuing to snuggle with her in bed

    Why are you so surprised that this cat follows you to the bathroom? We don't understand. The bathroom is a dangerous place. There are so many water sources in it, and you crazy human decide to walk right into one, letting it get you all wet. Your cats is trying to protect you, stop fighting it. 

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    Font - adhd-hippie Follow I slept late this morning, and my cat who got up at 5 am brought me 3 toys (she drops them on the floor next to the bed) visited me twice (jumped up and cuddled for 2 min) and is now sleeping on her designated cushion by my computer. I had to put it there because before I did she kept trying to sleep on my mouse pad. House cats usually live in colonies, the males come and go but the females (which is my cat's sex) stay together if you only have one cat you will be your
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    Smile - nerothefuzzyface Follow Emmy is my little shadow. I actually make people laugh because I call her like a dog and she comes running. My Nero did that before he left this shitty world. My stepdaughter's cat does the same thing. Only our oldest cat ignores me until feeding time.
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    Rectangle - grabnok-destra Follow My cats like to keep track of me. I can never sneak out of the room if they're sleeping. They feel the air movements and will get up and follow me wherever. Like...baby please. Just sleep. It's fine.
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    Font - whobotcha Follow My cat will follow me into the bathroom when I go to shower and then spend the whole time screaming bloody murder and If I try to pet him and tell him it's ok and that I like getting wet he will try to pull me out of the shower full force with his claws and teeth
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    Cat - autistic-millamarie Follow
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    Human body - Whenever l'm in a lot of pain or upset, this is how my cat reacts. She comes to comfort me. Every. Time. She always makes sure that I am okay.
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    Human body - jophielthepoet Follow My mom always jokes that our cat Gaspard acts like a dog because he literally follows us everywhere and come greet everyone when they wake up
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    Rectangle - curiousmsmeg Follow Mr. Beems.."Oh, you're going where you keep the treats. Let me join you, scream at you to feed me because you starve me and trip you right into my treat jar. But l'll purr a little so you still think l'm cute".
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    Font - twistwitch Follow My cat: no, no, just being in the same room isn't good enough, I have to be physically on top of you 90% of the time. Your lap is my nap zone and if you deny me access I will Scream. Also my cat: you were expected home 30 minutes ago. When you failed to appear I assumed, quite logically, that you had callously abandoned me and that I would have to fend for myself from now on. I did so by breaking into the kitchen trash to search for whatever sustenance I could find. Yes,
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    Font - Also my cat: this wall you've put up between us...why? Why do you shut me out? Am I no longer your beloved fluffball? Are we to be separated forever? It's been such a long 10 minutes. I've thrown myself bodily against this cruel door many times but it will not budge. Please. Im so alone. What do you mean you want to shit in peace?
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    Rectangle - gomi-chandesu Follow My cat: i'm gonna follow you room to room but glare at you the entire time to make sure you see my disgust for you. I hate you, but I will literally never not be in the same room as you
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    Sky - catboygiroux Follow Karl: oh I heard you move slightly hello hi good morning how are you

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