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Weirdo Cats Choosing To Sit In Absolutely Ridiculous Positions (Tweets)

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    Plant - Michael's Cat ... @michaelscat2 Jimmy has immaculate balance 4:11 PM · Aug 20, 2021 - PyTwitterAssistant for michaelsc 102.7K Retweets 1,690 Quote Tweets 432.4K Likes

    No, we just love it that this looks like absolutely the least comfortable position to be in in the whole heckin' world, and yet, we are certain that Jimmy was in that position for way longer than makes sense. There is no way he was comfortable this way, but stubbornness won over, and he persevered. 

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    Wood - anno ... @annosayo Replying to @michaelscat2 sama la ni Bumo Buttons Be Super Pram Buth Bo AT Buttons Rowe Buttons Bo AT NAL Buttons and Bou Buttons Bows tions

    Or maybe we are wrong. Maybe this ridiculousness for them is the same thing as sleeping with the blanket half off and half over our heads with our limbs reaching for every corner of the bed. Maybe it really is comfortable, even if that branch has to be digging into some uncomfortable place in this picture lol. 

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    Furniture - Ayu Utami ... @ayutami Replying to @michaelscat2 Jimmy won this round
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    Cat - Sabby @xsabrinasaurusx ... Replying to @michaelscat2 and @teedasian ndex BASS
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    Shelf - Renan Bernardes ... @nanbernardes Replying to @michaelscat2 Dom Caetano mastery it also (in a risky way) TOK
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    Cat - Finding Myself ... @VeilOfPain Replying to @michaelscat2 Yeah one of my fur babies has this hobby the amount of chairs we have had to replace lol
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    Cat - em ... @nachdrucklich Replying to @michaelscat2 and @christineissad idk what hes so angry for but so does sushi :-)) CANIGH SCHOO TEN RAMS-
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    Cat - evan @chrisgriffinfan Replying to @michaelscat2 and @astrohoochie
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    Penguin - ... Kelly Cooke Johnson @kelcookejohnson Replying to @michaelscat2 UNSON um
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    Window - Eli S @its eligio_p Replying to @michaelscat2 Jimmy has competition
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    Brown - AJ ... @catbinsrules Replying to @michaelscat2 and @irisshackleton Balance vibes
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    Cat - La Rôdeuse Pâle @LaRodeusePale Replying to @michaelscat2 Same energy here. EZ

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