I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "This tiny beast just came home with me today"

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    "This guy was tossed from someone's car..."


    "This guy was tossed from someone's car, darted across 4 lanes of traffic, and was stuck in a drainage ditch by the time I got to him. He was covered in mud and fleas, and has a kitty cold, but he will be well taken care of from now on. Meet Milo."

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    "Just adopted this sweet old girl, need a name!"

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    "Found this kitten wandering into the road..."

    Cat - 00000000 000000000

    "Found this kitten wandering into the road one day last week while driving home. It's about 6-7 weeks old so I'm uncertain of the sex. Please anyone have a good name for it? Male/female names welcome!"

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    "Just added this little dude to the family. Need ideas for names."

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    "My first coon kitten, name suggestions?"

    Cat - E3 1P
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    "adopted roy a week ago. i’m his third owner and he had been in the shelter since last october. they warned me it might take some time for him to warm up to me."

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    "1st time cat dad, she’s officially stolen my heart"

  • 9

    "Adopting a boy pup from my grandma! Any ‘cheese’ dogs names?"

  • 10

    "When I brought him home he was terrified. Now he doesn’t leave my side<3 a very handsome little guy"

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    "We welcomed Larry into our family today!"

  • 12

    "i got a new puppy today! what should i name him?"

  • 13

    "I'm a new cat mom. What breed do you guys think she is?"

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    "Got my first cat, we found her at my work under the skid plate of a car. Her name is diesel. Show some love"

  • 15

    "Adopted a “calico tabby” mix to find out from an exotic cat breeder that she is actually F5 bengal mixed with calico. just here to show off her pattern"

  • 16

    "Just adopted this little gentleman today! Any name suggestions ?"

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    "Hi! We recently adopted a cat that someone abandoned out in the country. Need some cool ideas for a name. Thanks!"

  • 18

    "My sister just got her first cat ever. Guess she’s learning the hard way."

    Plumbing fixture
  • 19

    "We've got this lovely man today, any ideas for a name?"

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  • 20

    "New addition to the family Say hello to Chester"


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